2021 Oritsemeyiwa Amorighoye Poetry Competition

The 2021 Oritsemeyiwa Amorighoye Poetry Competition is organised to recognise and celebrate the life of Mr. Oritsemeyiwa Amorighoye in the year 2021.

The online poetry event with the theme “How love and respect take important for friendship wey get head” is aimed at promoting positive and purposeful friendship(s) based upon the values of love and respect.

2021 Oritsemeyiwa Amorighoye Poetry Competition

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Oluwaseyi Ogunkayode Simeon: Ignition (E-book)

“Ignition” is an e-book authored and released by Oluwaseyi Ogunkayode Simeon, provides useful and practical guides on understanding and managing potentials, success and attaining excellence in life.

“You know, a whole lot of “How I wish! How I wish!! How I wish!!!” But, have you ever asked yourself, “What can I contribute? What can I do to be part of the solution to these my ‘How I wish!’” You wish this, you wish that. But, how can you be part of the solution? That’s the point! How can you make a difference? What can you do to make things work? How can you do it?

Those ‘little little’ things that you do… acts of kindness with love; You find people in need of something and you think your drive, your talent or your passion can help you to ease those people’s needs and/or pains… Contribute to it. Do it!”

– Oluwaseyi Ogunkayode Simeon (Ignition, 2021)


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