Professor Isa Hussaini Marte

Sussex Nigerian Society hosted Professor Isa Hussaini Marte, a Professor of Pharmacology, University of Maiduguri, a visiting Professor, University of Virginia, USA and a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science.
In an event titled “Meet the Nigerian Scientist” organised by the Society, Professor Isa discussed with the Nigerian students in Sussex about their discovery of Nigerian traditional herbs that show substantial efficacy against cancer, better than the currently used cancer drugs.

InterCEDD Develops Flat Belly

International Centre for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development (InterCEDD), makers of Intercedd Health Products (IHP), with its international partners have developed Flat Belly.

The product made of some local herbs such as Moringa, Pigeon pea and cocoa promises a flat belly within three months of use.

InterCEDD is a subsidiary of Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme (BDCP), which is a non-governmental non-profit organization.

The product was developed with a European partner and has been introduced in Europe.

As a result of certain cultural issues, the formulation of this product is quite different being in powder form and that means one has to dissolve in water before drinking.