Chika Ofili Awarded 2019 TrueLittle Hero Award

12-year-old Chika Ofili, has won the 2019 TrueLittle Hero award for his discovery of a new mathematics formula when he made a divisibility by 7 – a new way to divide in mathematics.

The TruLittle Hero Awards is yearly event, which gives recognition and celebrates marveling achievements of children and young people who are still under the age of 17 years in the United Kingdom.

It was at the 2019 edition of the award, that the young Nigerian was recognised for discovering the new formula. Mary Ellis, his mathematics teacher, who also doubles as the head of the mathematics department at the Westminster Under School, said Chika Ofili discovered the new formula during his holiday assignment. It was reported that she gave him a book, which contained several divisibility tests used to quickly work out if a figure is exactly divisible by the numbers 2 to 9, which lacked memorable test for checking divisibility by 7. Chika was said to have come up with a new formula to solve the problem.

He did it by taking the last digit of any whole number, multiplying it by 5 and before adding it to the remaining part of the number to generate a whole new number.

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