Covenant University & Elsevier SciVal Latest Computations [2018]

Covenant University has maintained her profile as a frontline research institution in Africa, by occupying distinguished ranking positions in various subjects, according to the latest computations for universities in Africa by Elsevier SciVal.

Covenant University was the only Nigerian institution in the top 10 rankings of African institutions in the fields of Management Information System; Information Systems and Management; Management of Technology and Innovation; and Business and International Management, while another Nigerian institution featured alongside Covenant in the field of Computer Science (Miscellaneous).

Specifically, Covenant was ranked 3rd in Computer Science (Miscellaneous) with 54 publications, 61 authors, and 28 citations; 2nd in Management Information System with 67 publications 151 authors and 1 citation; and 2nd in Management of Technology and Innovation with 102 publications, 179 authors and 17 citations.

Also, the University emerged 3rd in Business and International Management with 119 publications, 226 authors and 18 citations; and 8th in Information Systems and Management with 77 publications, 165 authors and 14 citations.

The computations by SciVal, spanned the period between 2012 and 2017.

In the current rankings of African institutions in the field of Computer Science (Miscellaneous) by SciVal, Covenant was ranked 3rd in the continent behind the University of Johannesburg (South Africa) which was ranked 1st, and the University of Cairo (Egypt) ranked 2nd.

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