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Quiz Rules and Information

The PositiveNaija Naija Lyrics and Movies Challenge 2021 is a monthly quiz aimed at appreciating the value of good songs and the movie industry in Nigeria.

The seven questions challenge, which is scheduled for the last Friday of every month at 9:00 pm (beginning from May 2021), focuses on various genres/kinds of songs and movies/film (including comedy).


Eligibility and expectation(s):

  • Open to everyone (including non-Nigerians)
  • One (1) submission per person
  • Quiz participation is free – at no cost to the participants
  • Timelines (GMT +1; Nigerian time)
  • PositiveNaija Team is not eligible (excluding Volunteers)

Quiz format:

  • Quiz is to be taken on a created Topic at the scheduled date and time on PositiveNaija Naija Lyrics Challenge 2021 of the PositiveNaija Q&A Forum.
  • Five (5) lyrics of five (5) songs are to be presented in selected portions/parts with each having a maximum of 50 words. The participants are expected to state accordingly, for the presented lyrics, the song title and the name of the artiste(s)/singer(s)/musicians.
  • Participants are also presented with two (2) images of Nigerians actors/actresses and expected to state accordingly, their names.
  • Lyrics are in English and/or Pidgin languages (songs on dialects are not translated into English/Pidgin languages and will not be used).
  • Answers are to be submitted/provided consistent with the Question/Lyric  Number(s). For example: 1. Greenland by TY Bello
  • In providing an answer, the title of the song must come first accompanied with (by) before the name of the artiste. For example: 1. Greenland by TY Bello
  • If the song is a remix or featuring other artiste(s), state accordingly.
  • The quiz is to be answered within a 5-minute window.
  • If you edit your post containing your answers to the quiz, that edited time will be taken/noted as the time in which you took the quiz.
  • If the time for the quiz stated is 9:00 pm – 9:05 pm for example, answers from 9:06:00 pm will be nullified.
  • To take the quiz, register on the PositiveNaija Q&A Forum with your username being your full names (same as your bank account name – should you win). Persons who are already registered members on the Forum, do not need to re-register again as they can make use of their existing profiles.
  • Winners are declared based on the most correct answers in the fastest time.
  • Winners are communicated with to provide their account details towards receiving their prize through their email addresses used in registering on the Forum.
  • PositiveNaija on behalf of the sponsors, sends to the winners their reward.

Reward [Cash Prizes]

  • 1st prize: ₦5,000


The competition is open for sponsorship.

Approved sponsors would not be able to nominate artistes/singers/musicians as well as songs.

For enquiries and sponsorship, contact us on +2349064503292 or email on positivenaija@yahoo.com


Additional updates and information will be made available on this post.

General information and updates on the PositiveNaija Naija Lyrics And Movies Challenge 2021.

Thank you!


Acceptance of Terms

By participating you declare that you accept these terms and conditions.

To win and succeed is to love.