Nuzo Eziechi Wins Inaugural Nigeria Integrity Idol

Nuzo Eziechi has won the inaugural Nigeria Integrity Idol, a reality TV show, which celebrates the most honest public officials in Nigeria.

Nuzo Eziechi, an official at the Bureau for Public Enterprise (BPE) emerged overall winner of the 2017 Nigeria Integrity Idol amongst four other finalists, 150 nominees and over 11,000 votes. The four other candidates featured in the final were: Igbolo Magdalene, Ogumelen Justina, Yemi Kale and Tubokenimi David.

On receiving the prize, Nuzo Eziechi said:

“We all have to be integrity idols and do the right things, even when no-one is watching.”

Eziechi was chosen for her honest and responsible approach to work, ensuring standards even in challenging circumstances. Eziechi says she refuses to take bribes from anyone. Nuzo Eziechi serves at the Bureau of Public Enterprise, Abuja where she carries out her duties (HR policies and Business Strategy alignment, workforce planning, learning and development) dutifully and has become a role model to many in her work environment.

According to her:

“I live by the values my parents taught me; not to play by my own rules or take shortcuts in everything I do”.

Blair Glencorse, who is the founder of Accountability Lab — the NGO behind the initiative said:

“It was fantastic. Huge amounts of positive energy and a real women’s power feel with four of the candidates female.”

Integrity Idol started in Nepal in 2014. The competition is now conducted by volunteers in Liberia, Pakistan, Mali and South Africa.

The event is based on “faming, not shaming.” Instead of focusing directly on corruption, they highlight integrity.

Blair Glencorse believes that:

“The more we can show that government officials can be celebrated for doing the right thing, the more it will help the public understand what they should expect from them.”

Each country narrows down five candidates who are filmed and interviewed for national television and radio. Throughout the week citizens vote online and via SMS.

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