Promote, Celebrate And Honor The Dreams, Legacies And Gifts Of Your Loved Ones, Organizations And Businesses On PositiveNaija [Nigeria And Nigerians]

PositiveNaija is pleased to inform Nigeria and Nigerians of its flagship service, which promotes, celebrates and honors the dreams, legacies, and gifts of estimable organizations, businesses and loved ones online in a personalized (in the entity’s name), educative and engaging manner.

The service is aimed at providing a lifetime value of strategic visibility and publicity to the legacy or dreams (and even gifts) of an entity by empowering others through the principles of competitiveness, sustainability and excellence.

This can be used in various ways and not limited to the following:

  • Individuals: as gifts for birthdays, appreciation, anniversaries, memorials, etc.
  • Organizations and businesses: to communicate activities or programmes or values or products/services, anniversaries, etc.
  • Countries: to celebrate cultures, diplomatic relations, independence/anniversaries, etc.

Promote, Celebrate And Honor The Dreams, Legacies And Gifts Of Your Loved Ones, Organizations And Businesses On PositiveNaija [Nigeria And Nigerians]


The following are required to assist us carry out the service:

  • The name of the person, organization or business.
  • Photograph or logo as applicable.
  • Brief information about the person, organization or business including core values).
  • Date of execution.
  • Payment of applicable service fee.

Service Fee

The applicable fees for this service can be  accessed on this detailed proposal.

In certain instances, we also accept service/product exchange agreements (that is, payments in the form of services or products).


PositiveNaija reliably executes this service for every nationality through the implementation of competitive and engaging initiatives online (essay or other written competitions; video contests/events; quizzes; etc.).

Previous executed works.

The service is positioned to be the most rewarding in Nigeria not just financially but in the process hinged on transparency, respect, dignity, creativity, excellence, impactful scholarship and accountability for all related stakeholders.

Value Proposition

  • It will assert and boost the awareness/strategic visibility and commendable reputation in Nigeria and internationally – as an exemplary reference to present and future stakeholders/generations.
  • It will enhance brand identity/image as well as vision as an advocate of positive values, impactful scholarship, sustainable development and excellence.
  • It can serve as a focal point of constructive interactions, research, knowledge transfer, etc.
  • It serves as an avenue to increase leads into your enterprise as well as revenue generation.
  • Positioned as a major contributor to social empowerment and responsible journalism.
  • It will create awareness of your activities among the young demographic who predominantly use social media and have an online presence (with a valuable Search Engine Optimization, SEO).


You can contact us through email on or call/chat us on +2349064503292



PositiveNaija is a multimedia news platform and institution committed to the culture of positive excellence of Nigeria and Nigerians globally.

Core Values: Truth, reliability (commitment, courage, competence & consistency), respect, valid sense of judgement and excellence.


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