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This site is dedicated to informing the world on the positive progress, success and achievements associated with Nigeria and Nigerians in every field of humanity.  The aim is to inspire, educate and redefine the standards of our values based system.


Since January 2015 when we commenced, with our work, we aim to gradually but firmly establish in the consciousness of Nigerians the practicability and possibility of their hopes, aspirations, passions, goals and success by adhering to the principles of hardwork, accountability, justice, love, unity, critical thinking as well as other relevant positive values. These are evident in the published positive news on the blog and in different categories, which we progressively monitor relying almost exclusively on various media channels towards redefining the standards of our values based system.

The standard we aim to achieve and maintain continue to evolve but in a consistent manner. For example, prior to the year 2017, we could have as a post published on someone who obtained a First Class degree in a field of study but in 2017, our current standard in respect to such news requires that someone obtains not just a First Class degree but in a unique style. This implies either  being the best graduating student or being the first to achieve such feat in a particular institution or having a CGPA of 4.0/4.0. In this regard, news such as someone obtaining a First Class are shared as an external link on our Facebook Page (or Twitter).

Furthermore on our standards, some sectors might receive recognition/get published by us probably due to neglected developments in such sectors overtime – this is to appreciate the growth/development with such achievement/progress.

Vision: To be the pride of every Nigerian.

Mission: We strive towards transforming lives through news management, solution-focused Forum and enriching competitions that are truly impactful, valuable, inspiring, educative, worthy and positive associated with Nigeria and Nigerians.

Our Big Ideas: Standards, Reliability, Impact and Speed.

Objectives (2017 – 2022):

  • To be recognised as the most reliable news platform for Nigerians.
  • To have PositiveNaija Annual Essay Competition as the most rewarding educational prize competition in Nigeria.
  • To publish the PositiveNaija Greats series

Values: Truth, commitment, consistency, impartiality and excellence.

PositiveNaija Q&A Forum –  a question-and-answer platform open to everyone to provide answers, ideas, understanding, solutions to various individual and societal questions/problems.

Avoid Greed This Week Campaign: We have identified greed (also meaning covetousness and selfishness) to be a fundamental destructive element to human prosperity and national development particularly in Nigeria. Greed is therefore primarily an unpleasant manifestation in the human nature that seeks to disregard the needs of others and the human environment at the expense of self-aggrandizement. By such manifestations, basic principles of life and development such as peace, love and justice are abandoned. Thus, on our part, we run a weekly campaign (“Avoid Greed This Week”) on our sidebars as a way of discouraging the act of greed and reminding us of its dangers & consequences.

In May [2017] we reviewed and improved certain features about our work since January 2017 including better categorisations of all posts, branding as well as better communication of results.

Notably, in terms of communication of results, we sought out to deduce the geographic locations (within Nigeria or abroad), which the positive/success news/updates recorded are being achieved. In other words, our aim is to be able to tell how conducive the environments are to what Nigeria/Nigerians are achieving. To do this, we determined the locations on the basis of where exactly the achievement, progress, success, etc. was done or achieved as well as will be done or achieved and not based on where an award/recognition was or is presented.

We hope that you find these assessments useful, inspiring and educative. We will also be glad to hear from you!

Feel free to download the comprehensive guide for the geographic location  determination. PositiveNaija Geo-Location Compilation August 2017

Thanks again for visiting, we hope you subscribe to our updates through our various media channels and finally, always remain positive!!!

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