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PositiveNaija is a multimedia institution; committed to good news, constructive journalism (reporting solution-focused news and information) on the progress and excellence culture of Nigeria and Nigerians globally.

The platform is predominantly dedicated to informing the world on the positive progress and excellence associated with Nigeria and Nigerians in every field. This is not an exercise to demonstrate superiority over other nationals or people but rather, an exercise demonstrating a unique, indigenous and inherent identity based on ‘bottom-up journalistic’ approaches.

The aim is to provide valuable understanding to how Nigeria and Nigerians are progressing (at what current state of quality) as well as to positively – inspire, educate and redefine the standards of Nigeria’s values based system. In other words, the foundation of our work is not based on convincing that Nigeria/Nigerians are good and not bad/evil (although, this is corollary or an outcome of our work) rather, our work is established on the attestation that Nigeria/Nigerians are good, and accordingly, the continuous investigation on the quality of such good(ness).

“Whenever you do not see beauty, it is because truth has been hidden.” – John Gavin Malkovich


Since January 2015 when we commenced with our work (first project approach in 2013: The Nigerian Dream), we aim to gradually but firmly establish in the consciousness of Nigerians the practicability and possibility of their hopes, aspirations, passions, goals and success by adhering to the principles of hardwork, accountability, justice, love, unity, critical thinking as well as other relevant positive values. These are evident in the published positive news on our platform and in different categories, which we progressively monitor relying almost exclusively on various media channels towards redefining the standards of our values based system.

For the latest updates on our editorial standards, kindly visit our Editorial Guidelines page.

Vision: To inspire hope and pride in every Nigerian.

Mission: As a human-centered enterprise, to continuously strive towards creating a good, well-informed and empathetic society for Nigeria and Nigerians through reliable news management, impactful research and innovative initiatives/competitions.

Our Big Ideas: Standards, Reliability, Impact and Speed.

For the work on PositiveNaija, the cardinal point of impact is to be able to cast the visions of the future by uplifting the self-belief that Nigeria and Nigerians are actually capable of doing good, doing it even in an outstanding or excellent manner, and doing it the right way by recording the unique progress and development being experienced collectively – no matter how slow or how ‘insignificant’ it might be especially when considering certain sectors/aspects of the society.

With PositiveNaija assisting in improving the national image or outlook of Nigeria positively, the image of the country can most effectively be positively influenced by the commitment of the Nigerian Government to good governance, respect for rule of law as well as the Nigerian people who trust and believe in themselves and the future they are creating.


  • To document aptly, the positive excellence of Nigeria & Nigerians.
  • To inspire Nigerian patriotism, nation building & excellence.
  • As a strategic advocate of responsible journalism.
  • To build well-informed societies through awareness of valuable progress in Nigeria with reliable data, information as well as insights.
  • As a historical record of the ingenuity of the Nigerian people.
  • As a reference guide for innovation within the Nigerian context.
  • As an educational resource advocating positive values and impactful scholarship.
  • As a creative and resourceful guide for best practices for online publishers, bloggers, writers, webmasters, digital marketers, etc.
  • By 2025, emerge as the most reliable/trustworthy news platform for Nigerians.
  • To have PositiveNaija Competitions as the most rewarding educational prize competition in Nigeria.
  • To annually publish the PositiveNaija series

Core Values: Truth, reliability (commitment, courage, competence & consistency), respect, valid sense of judgement and excellence.

We express a deep sense of gratitude to journalists all over the world, particularly those that have stood/ continue to affirm the truth. Thank you for your courage, hardwork, persistence, sacrifice and belief as your efforts are core pillars of our work.

We lay no claim to the absoluteness of our work rather, we appreciate the efforts of every Nigerian and friends of Nigeria in the nation-building of Nigeria.

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Our Activities

PositiveNaija Competitions and Programmes –  aims to encourage Nigerian patriotism, impactful scholarship, nation-building as well as serve as a platform for excellence!

PositiveNaija Q&A Forum –  a question-and-answer community platform open to everyone to provide answers, ideas, understanding, solutions to various individual and societal questions/problems.

Avoid Greed This Week Campaign: We have identified greed (also meaning covetousness and selfishness) to be a fundamental destructive element to human prosperity and national development particularly in Nigeria. Greed is therefore primarily an unpleasant manifestation in the human nature that seeks to disregard the needs of others and the human environment at the expense of self-aggrandizement. By such manifestations, basic principles of life and development such as peace, love and justice are abandoned. Thus, on our part, we currently run a weekly campaign (“Avoid Greed This Week”) on our sidebars as a way of portraying and encouraging selfless acts.

PositiveNaija Research –  aimed at reliably, providing descriptive, analytical, constructive and exploratory studies, which are creative and concise towards the positive development of Nigeria and Nigerians.

PositiveNaija Love & Heroes –  aimed at celebrating the positive value of Nigerians all over the world no matter how little their impact might be, which the world might be unaware of. The overall goal is to promote the value of the Nigerian human life through the spirit of love, gratitude and positive works/deeds.

Excellence is fun on PositiveNaija


Thanks again for visiting, we hope you subscribe to our updates through our various media channels.

Finally, be positive and God bless Nigeria!

*The PositiveNaija logo is a trademark of United Green Stars Worldwide Limited registered with the Nigeria Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (FMITI).

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Isaiah Glory Ize | One comment
4 months ago

Great job positivenaija