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For contributions, comments, observations or questions, you can contact us at PositiveNaija via:

Contact person: Toju Micheal Ogbe

Telephone/Whatsapp: (+234) 09064503292


Facebook: positivenaija1960

Twitter: @PositiveNaija_1

Instagram: @PositiveNaija_1


P. O. Box 7437, Wuse, Abuja. Nigeria




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Is it “PositiveNaija” or “Positive Naija”?

“PositiveNaija” is the correct spelling and expression of our name.


Genuine good news might be difficult to come by. Would PositiveNaija still continue to publish even with a single news per month?

Yes, we will gladly continue publication irrespective of how low the number of valuable and inspiring news sourced could be.


Does PositiveNaija dislike bad or unhappy news?

No, we do not.

We actually appreciate media organisations reporting on such news for the good benefits they can bring particularly to inform and enlighten the people about sensitive or important occurrences around us.

What we look forward to in such reporting is for such news to be objective, factual, educative, relevant and viably solution-oriented.

However, we also include such news in the context of our Love & Heroes (particularly appreciating the sacrifice of our fallen heroes – armed forces and civilians).


What improvements does PositiveNaija apply to its content management?

Some of the improvements we effect and encourage in regards to content management include the following:

  • Stating or Naira as the Nigerian currency rather than N.
  • No inclusion of pictures to the posts to encourage increase in reading culture.
  • No inclusion of location-born references to posts in promoting Nigeria’s unity.
  • See our Thinking Room for more information.


Does PositiveNaija have a media or press or communication kit?

Yes we do and this is available on a link embedded to our sidebars.

This kit – a set of promotional materials, provide information about our work and made available to members of the media or public for promotional use.


What is PositiveNaija’s policy on ethical breach of its work by its Team?

PositiveNaija journalists have pledged to uphold the policy of not asking or taking a gift by whatever name, from those they encounter in the course of their work.

Kindly report anyone (09064503292 or who claims to be our staff but engages in unethical conduct.



Last updated: 17th of August, 2019