Editorial Guidelines

The Editorial Guidelines are PositiveNaija’s values and standards, which applies to all our content, wherever and however it is received.

Section 1: PositiveNaija’s Editorial Standards

We seek to establish the truth and use the highest reporting standards to provide responsible coverage that is impartial, accountable, transparent, independent of external interests and ultimately, serving all audiences (predominantly, Nigeria and Nigerians).

Vision: To inspire hope and pride in every Nigerian.

Mission: As a human-centered enterprise, to continuously strive towards creating a good, well-informed and empathetic society for Nigeria and Nigerians through news management and impactful initiatives.

Core Values: Truth, reliability (commitment, courage, competence & consistency), respect, valid sense of judgement and excellence.

Our Big Ideas: Standards, Reliability, Impact and Speed.

Section 2: Development of PositiveNaija’s Editorial Standards

The editorial standards we aim to achieve and maintain continue to evolve but in a consistent manner. Furthermore, in recognition of varying levels of current development standards across various sectors, some sectors might receive recognition with published positive news in appreciation of the growth with such achievement or progress.

As a result of the plethora in positive progress and developments in certain sectors/categories by Nigeria and Nigerians as well as improve on the benchmark for excellence, we continuously elevate the standards accordingly.

In our commitment to promoting the culture of excellence and responsible journalism, we are pleased to confirm that posts eligible for publication on our platform will be guided by the following parameters.

We reserve the right to remove any content at any time from our platform including without limitation if it violates any aspect of our editorial guidelines.

Categories Editorial Standards for Published Posts
General Nigerian citizens by documentation (still, we respect every person of Nigerian descent/ancestry).
General We only publish news with content demonstrating present attainment rather than futuristic projections/speculations.
General For awards, recognitions, honours, etc., the rationale or reason(s) or context for understanding be made available in the reported/presented news. When this is not present, we shall rely on our conviction based on the recipient’s merit for such honour.
General For awards, recognitions, honours, etc., the character of the awardee as well as awarding entity deemed as exemplary based on our knowledge shall be a determinant.
General News with incomplete list of winners will not be published. Organisers of recognitions and journalists should ensure fair/just reporting rather than selective reporting of certain awardees. We however, endeavour to still check/collate from various news source in such regard.
  • From 2023, we would report/publish news predominantly on first positions or epic or first-of-its-kind or history defining feats in every category/sector as it relates to Nigeria and Nigerians – nationally and internationally.
  • Stating or Naira as the Nigerian currency rather than N.
  • Minimal inclusion of pictures to the posts to encourage increase in reading culture.
  • No inclusion of location-born references to posts towards maintaining objectivity.
General PositiveNaija media or press or communication kit
General Award in the name of person predominantly epic/first-of-its-kind/history defining.
Art, Media & Entertainment  
Business & Economy
  • Predominant consideration of strengthening the Naira/ indigenous development.
  • Predominant consideration on strengthening indigenous knowledge management.
  • Educational awards in higher institutions predominantly best graduating students, & epic/history defining merits. Within Nigeria (Universities), applicable to top ranking universities in the country.
  • Predominantly epic/first-of-its-kind/history defining academic or intellectual feats (applicable to Secondary Schools).
  • Predominantly 1st positions & epic/first-of-its-kind/history defining educational feats (academic or intellectual) engaged in internationally/abroad applicable to top 10 universities in the respective countries.
  • Essay competitions without the winning essay(s) available will not be published (from January 2021).
Health & Environment
  • Predominantly alkaline sources.
  • Predominantly epic/first-of-its-kind/history defining medical feats.
Leadership & Diplomacy
Science & Technology
Religion, Social Values & Empowerment
  • We do not publish beauty pageantry.
  • We have also decided to discontinue reporting on boxing as a sport on our platform particularly as it usually aims to make competitors bruised and bloody. However, we recognise that there are grey areas (for us) in the instance of multiple sports within a competition, in which boxing is included.
“Avoid Greed This Week” campaign
  • Predominantly portraying and encouraging selfless acts (2020)
  • Previously portraying dangers & consequences (2017 – 2019)

Section 3: Political Ideology

We do not subscribe to any political ideology or political activism.

In addition, we do not lend our work/platform to instruments of political (or electoral) contexts of any kind.

Section 4: Guest Posts

We do accept/publish guest posts and articles on PostiveNaija (free publishing).


PositiveNaija Thinking Room


  1. Opportunities for data mining from PositiveNaija news (already: geographical data and factors for progress).
  2. Not every news/info can be ‘keyworded’.
  3. Lectures of Leke Alder
  4. The concept of Abulecentrism and Nigeria’s political, economic and social logjams, By Prof. Olurinde Lafe
  5. Purpose Share
  6. Project Topics
  7. Fela Durotoye – The State of the Nation
  8. The Good Country
  9. Onye Nkuzi: “… what can we sell to these markets”?
  10. Reward System
  11. Teach, Entertain, Inspire and Engage
  12. Nigeria: In Search of Patriots, By Dele Agekameh
  13. The Ethics of Engaged Journalism by Michael Fancher
  14. Quotes: Friedrich Schiller
  15. How a group of Nigerian journalists are digitising thousands of old newspapers
  16. Where are the journalism training and education centres in Africa?


PositiveNaija Editorial Standards

Our Advocated Performance Indicators on Redefined & Excellent Standards of Nigeria’s Value Based System [First created: 29-10-2017]

In simple terms, these indicators represent the signal identified/recognised by PositiveNaija that shows the extent of ideal progress made by Nigeria. We therefore believe that in course of achieving any of these indicators at any given time, in such sphere (and notably beyond), a consistent, genuine and verifiable transformation of the Nigerian society has occurred.

These indicators takes into consideration the past and current dispositions, which serve as a useful lead into a sensible and prosperous future.


  • A Nigerian emerging winner of the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. [Reference: Mo Ibrahim Foundation]
  • Nigeria ranked 1st in overall governance performance in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG). [Reference: Mo Ibrahim Foundation]


  • All Nigerian States and the Federal Government of Nigeria publish their budgets/contracts. [Reference: BudgIT Nigeria]
  • All MDAs of Nigerian States and the Federal Government of Nigeria publish their call circulars. [Reference: BudgIT Nigeria].


  • A Nigerian or Nigerian entity emerging winner of The Nobel Peace Prize [Reference: Nobel Peace Prize]
  • The Nigerian Police ranked Africa’s best police service in the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) [Reference: WISPI]


2021 News under consideration; subject to verification/countering

  1.   Webometrics (universities) [Rationale: from 2023 edition / 20th edition]
  2. Dirty Slap idea



*Last updated: 23 December 2022

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