Our research activities on PositiveNaija are aimed at providing reliable descriptive, analytical, constructive and exploratory studies, which are creative and concise towards the positive development of Nigeria and Nigerians.

PositiveNaija Research Studies on Nigeria and Nigerians




  1. PositiveNaija Interviews (What Is And Why Your Name?)
  2. PositiveNaija Interview Series (Advice Of Nigerian Mothers): Celebrating Love, Roles & Experiences Of Motherhood Everyday
  3. UNEG Interview: PositiveNaija – History, Essay Competitions And Positivity [2021]

Art, Media and Entertainment

  1. Nigerian Radio Apps
  2. Nigerian Cartoon And Animation Channels On YouTube
  3. Nigerian Apps For Streaming & Listening To Songs And Music
  4. Nigerian Apps For Watching And Streaming Movies
  5. Nigerian Social Media Apps
  6. Nigerian Guide On How To Verify Or Fact Check News And Information [Organizations]
  7. Media Platforms Focusing On Good Or Positive News Stories About Nigeria And Nigerians
  8. The Benefits Or Advantages Of Good Or Positive News For Nigeria & Nigerians
  9. Reasons Why Many Nigerians Lack Interest For Good Or Positive News On Nigeria & Nigerians

Business and Economy

  1. Nigerian YouTube Channels On Making Shoes, Sandals, Bags, Hats And Crafts
  2. Nigerian YouTube Channels On Tailoring, Sewing, Dress Making, Stitching And Fashion Designing For Clothes
  3. Nigerian Apps For Event Planning And Management
  4. Nigerian Apps For Food Ordering And Delivery
  5. Nigerian Apps For Buying, Investing And Trading Gold, Silver And Other Precious Metals
  6. Nigerian Apps For Buying, Selling, Servicing And Verification Of Cars, Vehicles Or Automobiles
  7. Nigerian Apps For Marketing, Business, Professional And Job Opportunities
  8. Nigerian YouTube Channels On Agriculture And Farming
  9. Nigerian Apps For Scheduling Meetings
  10. Nigerian Apps For Agricultural Trading And Investment
  11. Nigerian Apps For Accounting And Book Keeping
  12. Nigerian Guide On How To Make And Value Money (Songs)
  13. Nigerian Financial Literacy Apps
  14. Nigerian apps for investing in stocks, treasury bills and other financial products
  15. Guide On How To Sell As A Nigerian Business Person [Videos]
  16. The Impact Of Full-Scale Culture Of ‘Pricing’ On The Quality Of Life Among Nigerians
  17. Economic Factors That Can Improve The National Image Or Reputation Of Nigeria And Nigerians Positively

Education and Innovation

  1. Educational and fun learning apps for children
  2. Nigerian apps for upskilling and placements
  3. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Biology
  4. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Chemistry
  5. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Psychology
  6. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Geography
  7. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Nursing Science
  8. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Medical Laboratory Science
  9. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Optometry
  10. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Agriculture
  11. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Political Science
  12. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Music
  13. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Veterinary Medicine
  14. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Dentistry
  15. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Banking And Finance
  16. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Pharmacy And Pharmacology
  17. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Social Work
  18. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Geology
  19. Best Nigerian University Offering Strategic Studies
  20. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Physics
  21. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Accounting
  22. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Information Technology
  23. Best Nigerian Universities Offering French Language
  24. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Nutrition and Dietetics
  25. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Estate Management
  26. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Computer Science
  27. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Economics
  28. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Medicine and Surgery
  29. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Home Science
  30. Best Nigerian Universities Offering International Relations, Studies & Diplomacy
  31. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Mass Communication [Unbundled]
  32. Best Nigerian Universities Offering History
  33. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Philosophy
  34. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Sociology And Anthropology
  35. Best Nigerian Universities Offering Law

Health and Environment

  1. Nigerian YouTube Channels On Building Materials, Construction, Engineering And Electrical Works
  2. Nigerian Apps For Animal Health, Nutrition And Business
  3. Nigerian Apps For Environmental/Waste Management And Recycling
  4. Nigerian Apps For Buying, Selling, Renting And Leasing Lands, Houses, Apartments & Offices
  5. Nigerian Apps For Identifying And Reporting Fake Products
  6. Nigerian Insurance Apps
  7. Nigerian Social Media Channels On Baking (Bread, Cakes, Snacks, Etc.)
  8. Nigerian Apps For Booking Local And International Road Travels
  9. Nigerian YouTube Channels On Natural Hair Care
  10. Nigerian YouTube Channels On Food And Nutrition
  11. Nigerian Apps For Errands And Logistics
  12. Nigerian Apps For Booking Taxi Services
  13. Nigerian Guide On Good Health (Songs)
  14. Nigerian Travel And Tourism Apps
  15. Nigerian Apps For Nutrition, Fitness And Health
  16. Nigerian Apps For Accessing Emergency Services
  17. Nigerian Fashion Apps
  18. Nigerian Apps For Reporting Sexual Misconducts, Harassment And Violence
  19. Nigerian Medical Organizations Providing Regular Free Healthcare Services And Support

Leadership and Diplomacy

  1. Nigerian Apps On Leadership
  2. Guide On How To Be A Good Nigerian Leader (Songs)
  3. Political Factors That Can Improve The National Image Or Reputation Of Nigeria And Nigerians Positively
  4. Angola
  5. Benin Republic
  6. Botswana
  7. Burkina Faso
  8. Cabo Verde
  9. Cameroon
  10. Côte d’Ivoire
  11. Equatorial Guinea
  12. Ghana
  13. Guinea
  14. Guinea Bissau
  15. Lesotho
  16. Madagascar
  17. Malawi
  18. Mali
  19. Mauritania
  20. Mauritius
  21. Mozambique
  22. Namibia
  23. Republic of Niger
  24. Senegal
  25. Sierra Leone
  26. South Africa
  27. The Gambia
  28. Togo
  29. Zambia
  30. Zimbabwe

Security and Law

  1. Nigerian Guide On Human Rights [Radio – Online & Offline]
  2. Guide On How To Promote Justice And Equity As A Nigerian (Songs)

Science and Technology

  1. Nigerian Apps For Mobile Internet Browsing And Security (Browsers, VPNs, Antivirus, Etc.)

Social Values

  1. Nigerian Apps For Parents And Parental Control
  2. How To Guide And Value Children As Nigerians (Songs)
  3. Nigerian Guide For Peace
  4. Nigerian Guide For Wisdom
  5. Nigerian Guide For Birthdays
  6. Nigerian Guide On The Importance Of Work
  7. Factors driving the positive progress and excellence of Nigeria and Nigerians in 2022
  8. Nigerian Apps For Learning Indigenous Languages
  9. Factors driving the positive progress and excellence of Nigeria and Nigerians in 2021
  10. Nigerian Guide On How To Have A Successful Marriage [Couples]
  11. Ways Nigerians Can Improve Their Self-Worth, Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem
  12. Factors Responsible For Low Self-Esteem Or Self-Worth Among Nigerians
  13. Cultural Factors That Can Improve The National Image Or Reputation Of Nigeria And Nigerians Positively
  14. Guide On How To Be Humane As A Nigerian (Songs)
  15. Factors driving the positive progress and excellence of Nigeria and Nigerians in 2020
  16. Nigerian Guide On How To Appreciate Mothers (Songs)
  17. Nigerian Guide On How To Appreciate Fathers (Songs)
  18. Guide On The Justification Of The Work On PositiveNaija [Faith, Hope And Love]
  19. Guide On How To Be Patriotic As A Nigerian [Songs]
  20. Guide On How To Be Excellent As A Nigerian [Videos]
  21. Nigerian Guide On Marriage And Romance (Songs)
  22. Guide On How To Develop A Good Character As A Nigerian [Books]
  23. Factors driving the positive progress and excellence of Nigeria and Nigerians in 2019
  24. Great Things About Nigeria, Which Every Nigerian Should Be Proud Of!


  1. Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL): Best Individual And Club Records
  2. Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL): Best Individual And Club Records
  3. Nigerian Apps For Games



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