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“Work is a blessing. The quality of your work bares your soul to humanity. To know who you really are, the world looks at your work and not your talk. Your work is your truth!”

– Praise George (The Gift of Work, 2011)

Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Toju Micheal Ogbe

Toju Micheal OgbeBA in International Studies & Diplomacy | MBA in Oil & Gas Management | Diploma in Intelligence Gathering, Analysis & Management

Author/Publisher | Consultant

Student of: Diplomacy | Sociology | Journalism | History || Strategy | Poetry | M&E | Energy/environmental sustainability


Advisory Board
Abdullateef Olasubomi Abdul

Abdullateef Olasubomi Abdul

Sarah Bwala Timothy



*Our volunteers are eligible to take part in our competitions/contests.

Research: Fego Onowori (Head of Research); 
Chukwuebuka Usulor (Head of Research); Chukwu Micheal Ike; Chioma Ezeigbo; Christopher Ewurum; Chibuzo Stanley Obidiegwu; Christopher Offor Jnr.

Researchers on PositiveNaija



Publicity: Glory Ize Isaiah; Adetunji Samson; Riley Peter

PositiveNaija Publicity Team


Graphics Design: Mitchel Iberi

PositiveNaija Team



With immense gratitude, as always, we appreciate those who also currently support us in different ways with their invaluable time, knowledge, skills and experiences.

Equally, we appreciate those who have worked with us providing support in different ways with their invaluable time, knowledge, skills and experiences.



Our work culture

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” – John Ruskin

  1. Values: Truth, reliability, respect, valid sense of judgement and excellence.
  2. Everything we do, every decision we take is guided ultimately by our vision, mission and big ideas.
  3. Peace and mutual dream/purpose fulfillment.



PositiveNaija Wins THE BIZZ Business Excellence Award 2019

MEA Markets Magazine 2020 African Excellence Awards [Nigeria/West Africa]

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  1. A wide canvas to paint our diverse beauty, from the rich rain forests in the South, it’s warm springs, delicacies and age long caves to the high plains of the North, it’s green Savannah, rich cultures and chilly cold rocks.

  2. In the nearest future, I foresee this site
    To rather be the first to come to mind
    For any researcher who truly seek to find
    What makes the name Nigeria one of a kind

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