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Documentation of Team Contributions

We are pleased to have the support of the following Team members (former and current) in various capacities accordingly in the progress of our work.

This documentation is in no way exhaustive (including individuals mentioned and individuals not mentioned for unique instances such as those assisting in publicity, marketing, etc.).

Last updated: 18 January 2020

News Gathering
Contributor(s)CapacityTitles or WorkDate
Susan OmehVolunteerAkachukwu Anumudu Wins 2019 InterswitchSPAK National Science Competition14 February 2019
Susan OmehVolunteerOluwatobi Akinpelu Develops History Learning App “Gingered”15 February 2019
Susan OmehVolunteerNigerian Army Female Team Wins 2019 West African Military Semi-Marathon Tournament17 February 2019
Susan OmehVolunteerNigeria’s Coronation Merchant Bank, JP Morgan, Barclay and two others ranked amongst World’s Best Investment Banks19 February 2019
Susan OmehVolunteerMadumere Rejoice Ngozi Wins 2019 The Ultimate Mathematics Ambassador (TUMA) Competition22 February 2019
Susan OmehVolunteerFive Africans Win Inaugural JJI Champions of Science – Africa Storytelling Challenge22 February 2019
Susan OmehVolunteerAir Peace Emerges Best Air-line At Nigeria Travel Awards14 March 2019
Susan OmehVolunteerNigerian Students Emerge Joint Regional Winners Of Huawei’s ICT Competition14 March 2019
Susan OmehVolunteerFUTA Emerges Best Institution At National Statistics Competition18 May 2019
Contributor(s)CapacityTitles or WorkDate
Aishat IbrahimInternGreat Things About Nigeria, Which Every Nigerian Should Be Proud Of!09 June 2017
Fego OnoworiVolunteerReasons Why Many Nigerians Lack Interest For Good Or Positive News On Nigeria & Nigerians23 November 2018
Fego OnoworiVolunteerThe Benefits Or Advantages Of Good Or Positive News For Nigeria & Nigerians21 December 2018
Toju Ogbe

Fego Onowori

Editor-in-ChiefFactors driving the positive progress and excellence of Nigeria and Nigerians in 201901 January 2019
Fego OnoworiVolunteerMedia Platforms Focusing On Good Or Positive News Stories About Nigeria And Nigerians05 February 2019
Toju OgbeEditor-in-ChiefGuide On How To Develop A Good Character As A Nigerian [Books]02 October 2019
Toju OgbeEditor-in-ChiefGuide On How To Be Excellent As A Nigerian [Videos]25 October 2019
Chukwuebuka UsulorVolunteerGuide On How To Be Patriotic As A Nigerian [Songs]10 November 2019
Toju OgbeEditor-in-ChiefGuide On The Justification Of The Work On PositiveNaija [Faith, Hope And Love]5 January 2020
Toju OgbeEditor-in-ChiefNigerian Guide On How To Appreciate Mothers (Songs)13 January 2020
Graphics Design
Contributor(s)CapacityTitles or WorkDate
Mitchel IberiVolunteerOverarching2019
Contributor(s)CapacityTitles or WorkDate
Grace AlegehConsultant

PositiveNaija Newscast: Week 5, 2019

Grace AlegehConsultant

PositiveNaija Top News: Week 9, 2019

Grace AlegehConsultant

PositiveNaija Top News: Week 13, 2019

Riley PeterVolunteer

PositiveNaija Top News: Week 46, 2019

Contributor(s)CapacityTitles or WorkDate
Cynthia OkpalaVolunteerThe Power Of The Nigerian Self-Esteem! By Mafeni Praise28 January 2019
Cynthia OkpalaVolunteerThe Power Of The Nigerian Self-Esteem! By Udeme Akpan28 January 2019
Cynthia OkpalaVolunteerThe Power Of The Nigerian Self-Esteem! By Felix Emmanuel28 January 2019
Courage IroegbuteVolunteerNigerians, Work And Dignity! By Ogunkayode Oluwaseyi Simeon23 November 2019
Contributor(s)CapacityTitles or WorkDate
Cynthia OkpalaVolunteerJoseph Adewole Wins micro:bit Global Challenge 2018 [Africa]18 February 2019
Cynthia OkpalaVolunteerEunice Gordon Osagiede Awarded USA Congress Woman Of Excellence Award 201918 March 2019
Courage IroegbuteVolunteerIkechukwu Wilson Nweke Wins 2019 BBC News Pidgin Essay Competition11 November 2019
Esso FranklinVolunteerDivine Football Club Wins 2019 General Officer Commanding 1 Division Nigerian Army Youth Football Competition23 November 2019
Courage IroegbuteVolunteerCrop2Cash Wins 2019 Seedstars Lagos Pitch Event13 November 2019
Courage IroegbuteVolunteerWinners Emerge At 2019 AppsAfrica Innovation Awards15 November 2019

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