The Power Of The Nigerian Self-Esteem! By Udeme Akpan

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The Power Of The Nigerian Self-Esteem! By Udeme Akpan

Good day! My name is Udeme Akpan. I am a Nigerian. I am here to talk about the Nigerian self-esteem. The title of this video is the power of the Nigerian self-esteem. What is self-esteem? Self-esteem simply means the value of one’s self. How you value yourself. How worthy you see yourself. Self-respect, self-regard – that is what self-esteem means. It also means the value one placed on him or her -self. What is the source of the power of a Nigerian self-esteem? We have different nature of people and their self-esteem cannot actually be the same measure but there is something that holds those true. That gives us the sense of belonging; that gives us the sense of pride; that gives us the sense of value, respect and regard for our abilities and how we can excel. There are various aspect and source of this power.

I will start from the first: Nigeria our fatherland! We have this psychological relief and freedom that we dwell in a nation that was founded by compatriots, heroes; our fore fathers fought for this nation and we are standing proud. It has improved our mental abilities to have self-value.

Secondly, cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is what we passed to our generation – is the way we live, the way we operate,  different tribes and how we co-ordinate ourselves amongst our ethnic groups. Cultural heritage have been passed on from our fore fathers to us. If it was a poor buildup, then I will never be proud of bearing my name and where I come from, and I will pass that to my own children. This would give them a sense of belonging to a particular tribe,  their origin, where they come from, Nigeria as a whole.

Thirdly, the Nigerian home. The Nigerian home is just a typical scenario or background where everyone evolve from -the smallest unit of the society. I am coming from a home. My parents taught me how to greet, they taught me how to live with others, they taught me  how to even speak the mother’s tongue – I am proud of that. My grandfather, my grandmother, my granduncles, people around me gave me advice on how to believe in myself, how to trust in my abilities, how to stand tall when all chips are down – I am representing that.

To the typical Nigerian home gotten from the mindset of we dwelling in our father’s land, break down to cultural heritage, and then pass those cultures to our children in a typical home setting. So the Nigerian home builds us up into believing in ourselves and having the right self-esteem.

The pride of your family! Every man strives, work hard to make sure he represent his family with pride, with dignity, integrity, with respect. That would boost our self-esteem if every man would believe that whatever they do, they would represent their family well. They can fight hard and stand the chance of making this nation a better place.

I can never rule out education. Education is the bedrock of everything. Technology today, stands and can be spread because of education. We learn Nigerian peoples and culture in the university, we appreciate ourselves  different ethnic groups and people. That is the starting point.

Peaceful co-existence would happen when we accept ourselves – different tribes, different religion and different people.

Every Nigerian have hope for a better tomorrow. Our self-esteem can never be betrayed anymore by the colonial masters. We shall stand as one people. Timi Dakolo said, we will build our nation, we will build our country. I wish Wazobia as a broadcast media would spread this news throughout the world.

Thank you.

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Udeme Akpan

I will always be an advocate for peace and of a United Nigeria. Udeme Akpan

I possess a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering and coupled with the little skills I have in creative composition, I intend to make a change in my society, country, Africa and the world at large.

Positivity, honesty and humility are my watch-words; of which I hold in high esteem.




*The transcribing of the video presentation was done by Cynthia Okpala.

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