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PositiveNaija Competitions and Programmes promotes critical-thinking, impactful scholarship, objective reward system, nation-building as well as serve as a platform for excellence.

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PositiveNaija Personalized Services for Organisations and Individuals


PositiveNaija Trade By Barter


PositiveNaija Prize for academic excellence

The Listening Nigerian Leader!

2022 Cliff Agba Art Contest


2021 PositiveNaija Science Quiz


PositiveNaija Naija Lyrics And Movies Challenge 2021

2021 COGA Cathedral Monthly Bible Quiz Competition


2021 PositiveNaija Online Culture Festival

2021 Oritsemeyiwa Amorighoye Poetry Competition

The Power of the Nigerian People!

2021 Itohan Hephzibah Deborah Igbe Poetry Contest


2020 PositiveNaija African Current Affairs Online Quiz


2020 NanaBytez Cakes & Edibles Crossword Food Puzzle Event


The Purpose of Nigeria!


Dr. Freedom Griffith Akinjide Ogbe Birthday Event 2020 Debates


Mohammed photo challenge

2020 Victoria Ifeoma Song Contest Event

Sunny Ojiya


Martha Ameh


The value of the life of a Nigerian!



Nigerians, work and dignity.


Nigeria, Nigerians and Excellence


The Power of the Nigerian self-esteem!



The Love of a Nigerian!



How Great Is Nigeria!



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75 thoughts on “Competitions & Programmes”

  1. My heart felt gratitude to the positive naija team for the platform and opportunity. I have received the cash prize and the certificate.

  2. It’s a unique honour to have participated in the 2018 edition of Positive Naija Essay Competition. I was also happy to receive my certificate and cash prize. I thank and commend the Positive Naija team for organising this competition in a transparent and hitch-free manner. And I genuinely hope the essays would inspire a refreshing wave of patriotism among Nigerians.

  3. The PositiveNaija Team appears to be doing all the good work these days in promoting creativity, intellectual excellence and Nigerianism.


    1. Good day Thelma. Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, by the grace of God we will be having the essay contest for this year 2019. Information on this should be made publicly available by July 2019. Thanks again.

  4. “Decision on Top 10 entries by Advisory Judges are published (without ranking) on the Competition Page: 1st October 2019″… I’m really searching for this. Has it been published yet? I just don’t want to miss out on any information

      1. Hi.. Please I didn’t receive any message that I was shortlisted or may be I didn’t even understand the competition. This is 2020 anyways but I still want to know. My name appeared in part of the names above, what does it mean? Was I part of the finalist or is was just the list of people who submitted their essays. My name is Nneoma Egerue.

  5. Good afternoon, Please I wrongly submitted using my second email which is different from the one in the essay,Do I resubmit with the right one or wait for a confirmation?

  6. Please, I’m confused… “It should be submitted in both ms word and pdf” does it mean I will submit the essay twice, make it inform of ms word and pdf?? Or I will just choose between both and submit my essay in either of them??

  7. Please, how will you know your essay is successfully submitted? Because I didn’t get any confirmatory email??

  8. Please I submitted my essay yesterday but a notification has not nlbeen sent to me for a poof that my essay was successfully submitted

    1. Dear Anthony, we received your mail but you sent a txt format file, which we replied you at about 2pm yesterday notifying you of this and encouraging you to send your entry in both MS Word and PDF formats. Kindly check your email.

      1. Good morning Sir /Ma, my sincere apologies for sending my essay in a text format and for the mail, I’m just seeing it this morning. I checked my mail box time to time yesterday but didn’t get a notification pertaning to the essay. I’ve resent the essay in a PDF format, I hope it will still be acknowledged.

  9. Good afternoon, and happy new month to you all…

    I will like to ask if the top 10 entries will be posted today as earlier stated in the timeline.

    Thank you in anticipation of your warm reply.

  10. Please how do we get the science exam before 9:00 so that to start the essay via which place can we write it or you are sending it via email

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