PositiveNaija Prize For Academic Excellence In Nigerian Universities [From 2024/2025]

Recently updated on February 15th, 2022 at 05:04 am

PositiveNaija is pleased to announce the PositiveNaija Prize for academic excellence in Nigerian universities for best graduating students commencing from the 2024/2025 academic session.

The aim of the Prize is to promote the culture of impactful scholarship and an honorable reward system in the Nigerian educational sector.

PositiveNaija Prize for academic excellence


The intended recipients of the PositiveNaija Prize for academic excellence at this time, focuses on Best Graduating Students (undergraduates and post-graduates) from selected Nigerian universities of the Departments or disciplines of Anthropology/Sociology, History and Mass Communication (Journalism and Media Studies, Broadcasting, Development Communication Studies, Information and Media Studies).

The selected disciplines/courses largely constitute the core focal areas of the work done by PositiveNaija. The applicable criteria for the selected Nigerian universities is based on the top ten (10) universities in Nigeria according to the The Times Higher Education World University Rankings. However, if universities outside the scope of the selected universities officially indicate interest for their students to be part of the Prize, their requests will be reviewed and considered accordingly.


  • A mentorship programme (online) for the Best Graduating Students made up of esteemed, trustworthy and accessible advisors in various relevant disciplines. These advisors gracefully support the Prize recipients in enhancing their professional and personal growth, with their valuable time; expertise, wisdom, resourcefulness, positive influence; etc.

Periodic evaluations shall be conducted on the progress of the prize recipients.

  • The Prize recipients are entitled to advert placement on the PositiveNaija platform worth Naira 250,000 each per year. The advert material could belong to the Prize recipient or others (family, friends, colleagues) as far as it is consistent with our advertising values.


We welcome sponsorship support for the PositiveNaija Prize for Academic Excellence in Nigerian universities. Identifying, supporting and partnering with us on this Prize is a testament to your personal, institutional or corporate conviction on the greatness, development and potentials of Nigeria/Nigerians.

For transparent and accountability purposes, every sponsorship for this Prize received shall be made available on our platform [for privacy, sponsors can choose to use the initials of their names].

We shall also provide up-to-date progress report to sponsors/partners.


PositiveNaija is a multimedia news, information and forum platform, with the vision of having the most reliable platform for informing the world of the truly impactful, positive, valuable, inspiring, educative and worthy updates associated with Nigeria and Nigerians globally based on consistent objectivity and excellence. The aim is to positively – inspire, educate and redefine the standards of Nigeria’s values based system.

As a human-centered enterprise, the mission of PositiveNaija is to continuously strive towards creating a good, well-informed and empathetic society for Nigeria and Nigerians through news management and impactful initiatives.

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