2022 Infinite Global Tutors Creative Story Writing Challenge

The 2022 Infinite Global Tutors Creative Story Writing Challenge is organised to appreciate the unique stories of Nigerians and improve on their relationships with each other upon the values of respect and excellence.

The online writing challenge with the theme “Nigerian Stories: Chicken Change, Dirty Slap and Eye Service” is aimed at promoting positive interactions as well as celebrate the International Day of Words (November 23).

2022 Infinite Global Tutors Creative Story Writing Challenge

Eligibility and expectation(s):

  1. Open to everyone
  2. One (1) post submission per person/participant
  3. Participation is free – at no cost to the participants
  4. The language acceptable for the entire submission is English and/or Pidgin.
  5. Timelines (GMT +1; Nigerian time)
  6. PositiveNaija Team (excluding Volunteers) and principal(s) of Infinite Global Tutors are not eligible.
  7. Must be original, no plagiarism and not previously published.
  8. Truth, logical consistency, narrative structure/organisation, creativity/initiative.
  9. Once a story is submitted, it is considered a final submission and may not be modified, edited, or replaced.

Story format:

  • Write on all three topics: “Chicken Change”, “Dirty Slap” and “Eye Service” in a single document.
  • Maximum of 100 words per topic.
  • At the beginning or end of the story/submission, state only your full names, nationality, email and telephone number(s).
  • Must be submitted in both MS Word & Portable Document format (PDF).

Reward [cash prizes]: Top ten (10) receive 7,000 each

Reward [certificates]: Top ten (10)

Reward [publishing]: Top ten (10) will be published on PositiveNaija


  • Submission dates by participants: November 23 – 30, 2022.
  • PositiveNaija reviews and selects the top ten (10) best entries: December 2022.
  • Payments made and certificates issued to winners on 31st December 2022.


Deadline: November 23 – 30, 2022 | 11:59 PM (GMT +1)

Email: positivenaija@yahoo.com

Acceptance of Terms

By participating you declare that you accept these terms and conditions.


Infinite Global Tutors

The 2022 Infinite Global Tutors Creative Story Writing Challenge is sponsored by Infinite Global Tutors.

Infinite Global Tutors is an organization that is set out to enlighten pupils and students in order for them to maximize their potentials to become great leaders through qualitative teaching.

It aims to activate the gift inside to become a global citizens through the inculcation of excellence, moral values via purposeful teaching and learning.

Twitter: Infinite Tutors (@tutors_infinite)
Instagram: @infinitetutorsglobal

Facebook: Chukwuemeka Daniel
Phone/WhatsApp: +2348131337241


*More sponsorships would help in increasing the number of winners/beneficiaries

  • Engineer Louis Chukwuka (15,000)
  • Engineer Charles Ezenwa (20,000)
  • Mr. Aliyu Momoh (15,000)



This challenge is organised (topics creation, poster design, publicity, programme strategy/structure, review of entries, etc.) by PositiveNaija.


Winners Of 2022 Infinite Global Tutors Creative Story Writing Challenge
  1. Michael Sunday (Top 10)
  2. Audu Lydia (Top 10)
  3. Matthew Samuel Ozovehe (Top 10)
  4. Okeleke Gift Victoria (Top 10)
  5. Micheal Onoruoiza (Top 10)
  6. Ebenezer Mikwene Mowete (Top 10)
  7. Elizabeth Sunday (Top 10)
  8. Matthew John (Top 10)
  9. Orere Ewomazino Praise (Top 10)
  10. Solomon Oghenero Omonakome (Top 10)
  11. Testimony Oluwabukunmi Emmanuel
  12. Ugochukwu Kosisochukwu Judith
  13. Matthew Paul Itopa
  14. Freda Tanko
  15. Bello Kafayat Sade
  16. Ekwetafia Delson Ejiroghene
  17. Akunna Sharon James-Ibe
  18. John Promise U.
  19. Okafor Phebe Chukwunonye
  20. Ifezuo Precious Ifunanya
  21. Samuel Kayode Owosina
  22. Israel Orere
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