Earn Money By Posting Comments On News & Articles On PositiveNaija Website

Recently updated on March 29th, 2023 at 09:56 pm

You can now earn money by posting comments on news and articles published on the PositiveNaija website thereby increasing knowledge and appreciation for positive news/information as well as empowering people as they do so.

Earn Money By Posting Comments On News & Articles On PositiveNaija Website

Guidelines: Earn Money By Posting Comments On News & Articles On POSITIVENAIJA Website
  1. Open to everyone.
  2. No registration (fee) required. Just proceed to comment on posts/articles (your email address will be your unique identifier).
  3. Comments can be made without limits at any time on all published posts, articles and pages on the PositiveNaija website. Categories of all posts can be found on the sidebar of the website. PositiveNaija Q&A Forum is excluded as there will be no payment for comments made on the Forum.
  4. Relevant and sufficiently well-written comments should be made, which mean sincere opinion/assessment/review of the benefit/impact/value, opportunities, areas of possible improvement, risk, etc. on the subject of the post.
  5. Five (5) Naira will be paid for every comment ever made (on posts and replies).
  6. Only approved comments will be paid for as irrelevant comments would not be approved or deleted during moderation. No ethnic, tribal or religious abuse and insentivity is allowed.
  7. Commenters can see the number of their approved posts beside their name/username.
  8. Comments made cannot be deleted by the commenter but can be edited.
  9. Comments are expected to be a minimum of 100 characters (not words) and replies is set at a minimum of 100 characters (not words).
  10. Payments will be made whenever 300 comments milestone (1,500 Naira) is reached as commenters will be contacted via email to provide account details.
  11. For observations or additional clarification, kindly contact us via phone/WhatsApp +2349064503292. Thank you.
Top commenters No. of comments Best commenters (yearly)
femifezzy 900+
David Okoye 600+
Florence Oyim 500+ 2022
Haybee 300+
Ruthmi 200+
Mac-Donald 100+


*A total of over 23,500 Naira have been paid for the comments since inception.

*The programme is open for/to suggestion, donation, advertisement, sponsorship, collaboration or partnership (+2349064503292).

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