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The 2017 PositiveNaija Essay Competition aims to encourage Nigerian patriotism, nation building as well as a platform for excellence!

Title of Essay:



Inform the world through your essay, what genuinely makes Nigeria a great country today, which every Nigerian and Non-Nigerians should be proud of.


  • Essay submissions are free – at no cost to the participants
  • Open to all nationalities
  • PositiveNaija Team and the Advisory Judges are not eligible

Essay format:

  • Maximum of 1,500 words
  • At the beginning or end of the essay, state only your full names, nationality, email and telephone number(s).
  • Must be submitted in both MS Word & Portable Document format (PDF)

Essay expectations:

  • 1 essay submission per person
  • Must be original, no plagiarism and not previously published
  • The competition language and the language of entries is English.
  • Truth, logical consistency, facts, narrative structure/organisation, creativity/initiative

Reward [Starting Cash Prizes] | [Current Cash Prizes]

  • 1st prize: 75,000 [₦80,000]
  • 2nd prize: 50,000 [55,000]
  • 3rd prize: 25,000 [₦30,000]
  • 4th prize: ₦15,000
  • 5th prize: ₦10,000
  • 6th prize: ₦9,000

Reward [Certificates]:

Top 10

Reward [Publication]:

  • 1st position: Essay published as the ‘Foreword’ in the Inaugural 2017 PositiveNaija Series
  • 2nd – 10th positions: Essays published in the Inaugural 2017 PositiveNaija Series
  • 1st – 10th positions: Essays are published weekly on the blog.


  • Submission dates by participants: 1st July 2017 – 31st August 2017 (SEE ANNEX 4 for status of entries)
  • PositiveNaija review and submit Top 10 best entries to Advisory Judges: September 1 – 8, 2017.
  • Blind review by Advisory Judges who shall [individually] assess, grade and rank the entries: September 9 – 19, 2017.
  • Decision of Top 3 entries by Advisory Judges are published (without ranking) on the Competition Page: 20th September 2017

*Decisions by the Judges are final and are not subject to legal appeal

  • The Top 3 entries are published on the Competition Page: 21st September 2017
  • Profiles of the Top 3 participants are requested and published: September 21-22, 2017
  • The audience will then determine the final ranking and winner with an open and public online vote – multiple votes are allowed (SEE ANNEX 1 below for voting weights): September 22 – 28, 2017
  • PositiveNaija collates: September 29 – 30, 2017
  • Overall winner (and essay)/results are declared/published on 1st October 2017 on PositiveNaija
  • Payments made and certificate issued to winners on 1st October 2017


We welcome sponsorships for the 2017 PositiveNaija Annual Essay Competition. Identifying, supporting and partnering with us on this competition is a testament to your personal, institutional or corporate conviction on the greatness, development and potentials of Nigeria/Nigerians.

For transparent and accountability purposes, every sponsorship for this competition received shall be made available on the blog [for privacy, sponsors can choose to use the initials of their names] (SEE ANNEX 3 below). We shall also provide up-to-date progress report to you.

Your support – financial or service-oriented, could therefore be targeted to the following areas (SEE ANNEX 2 below for account details and guidance):

  • Prizes: Top 1 – 10 Essays (Target: 10 million Naira)
  • Media/Publicity (Target: 3 million Naira)
  • Administrative/Logistics (Target: 2 million Naira)
  • General/Overarching – If your support is targeted to the general/overarching running of the competition, we will ensure equity in its distribution to the entire competition process.

We are committed to making the PositiveNaija Annual Essay Competition, the most rewarding educational prize competition in Nigeria by the year 2022.



Deadline: 31 August 2017

Advisory Judges (4):

Eire Ifueko Alufohai

Eire. Ifueko Alufohai (Mrs.) - BA, LLB, LLM

Legal Practitioner and Executive-level professional with over 20 years combined experience in legal practice, legal advisory services, and administration.


Sharon Kaburuk

Sharon Kaburuk - BSc, MSc

Communications Specialist. Creative Director, TaTsuniya and initiator #NigerianHistoryMatters. Over 7 years experience in Brand & communications, event coordination and administration.


Osagie James Osemwegie

Mr. Osagie James Osemwegie - Bsc, Msc
Software Engineer and Research specialist in human behaviour modelling.
Current work focuses on the use of mobile phones to improve public health strategies in reducing sedentary lifestyles in Saskatchewan Canada.
Emmanuel Akpata
Mr. Emmanuel Akpata

Strategy Consultant with academic background in Economics, Consumer behaviour and System Dynamics.


*Click on the photographs of the Advisory Judges for further information.


Acceptance of Terms

By participating you declare that you accept these terms and conditions.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

ANNEX 1 – Voting Rights and Weights

*The Advisory Judges shall grade each entry with a total of 100

*The grades of the Advisory Judges shall have 80% (0.8) voting weight

*The audience can vote as many times possible

*The votes of the audience shall have a 20% (0.2) voting weight

Annual Essay voting weight

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

ANNEX 2 – Sponsorship Guide

*Account information (Bank name: Access Bank; Account name: Toju Ogbe; Account number: 0006376703)

* Use ‘2017 PositiveNaija Essay’ as support description. You can also send an email/sms indicating your support provided.

*We do not accept cash; please make all financial contributions via the account information provided.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

ANNEX 3 – 2017 PositiveNaija Essay Competition Sponsors

*Only received contributions of support are listed below in the order they come in/we receive them.


 GreCo Power & Energy Ltd  ₦25,000 Prizes


Name ContributionCategory
 I. T. I. 70,000 General

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

ANNEX 4 – Status of Entries

  1. Total number of entries: 46
  2. Nationalities: Bulgarian (1); Nigerians (45)
  3. Names from No. 10-46 do not imply their positions in the Competition rather, largely in the order their essays were received.
  4. We are willing to provide feedback to all who did not make it into the Top 9 the reason why (as far as they request for it via email).

2017 positivenaija annual essay ranking

No.NamesPositionsAdvisory Judges (/400)Public Votes
1.Olawale Lekan Christopher1st Position269 [215.2] 1,116 [223.2]
2.Udeme Akpan2nd Position287.5 [230] 455 [91]
3.Kenneth Okpomo3rd Position288 [230.4] 91 [18.2]
4.Chinedu Mpamugo4th Position267.5
5.Olatoyese Adesinmi5th Position264
6.Sa’id Sa’ad Abubakar6th Position262
7.Jonathan Mairiga7th Position261
8.Igbokwe Kingsley Chukwudi8th Position260
9.Onowori Fego Eunice9th Position232
10.Odetokun Blessing Odeleke
11.Borislav Dimitrov
12.Akinkitan Joel Sunday
13.Nwede Chiamaka Stellamaris
14.Adetayo Olaniyi
15.Adaeze Nwachukwu Franklyn Mmachukwu
16.Ugochukwu Onyinyech
17.Onwosi Ikechukwu Destiny
18.Justina Bonny
19.Olawehinmi Taiwo Dorcas
20.Susan Chioma Omeh
21.Kennedy Daagema Terlumun
22.Tolulope Victoria Oluwatoye
23.Kolawole Michael Ibukun
24.Chimaobi Fedorah Ukamaka
25.Adekunle Adeola
26.Abubakar Muhammed Mujaheed
27.Amao Taiwo Oluwadamilola
28.Ojo Bibitayo Emmanuel
29.Msonter Anzaa
30.Obidike Anthony Chukwudozie
31.James-Ibe Chijindu Terence
32.Odiakosa Alfred Uchenna
33.Ogbeide Mascot Osama
34.Oladosu Oyetunde Samuel
35.Obiagwu Ogechukwu Cynthia
36.Nwagbo Ebubechukwu Bruno
37.Ijoma, Daniel Onyebuchi
38.Joy Chidinma Awa
39.Shomide Patricia Oladayo
40.Haruna Abdulmajid
41.Emmanuel Innocent
42.Idim, Abasi-ama
43.Christopher Mercy Tochukwu
44.Bello Sarafadeen
45.Osben Chimaobi Chidelu
46.Amina Ajuma Abubakar

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

ANNEX 5 – Lessons Learnt (Internal)

  1. Time (ensure maximum availability, and sufficient spacing)
  2. Continuous monitoring of entries (particularly Top 10) – provision of statement and actual practice
  3. Apply voting for Top 10 essays (Segment A & Segment B {Segment B first})
  4. Sponsorship: Core PNp


*Last updated 02-October-2017

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  1. My heart felt gratitude to the positive naija team for the platform and opportunity. I have received the cash prize and the certificate.

  2. It’s a unique honour to have participated in the 2018 edition of Positive Naija Essay Competition. I was also happy to receive my certificate and cash prize. I thank and commend the Positive Naija team for organising this competition in a transparent and hitch-free manner. And I genuinely hope the essays would inspire a refreshing wave of patriotism among Nigerians.

  3. The PositiveNaija Team appears to be doing all the good work these days in promoting creativity, intellectual excellence and Nigerianism.


    1. Good day Thelma. Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, by the grace of God we will be having the essay contest for this year 2019. Information on this should be made publicly available by July 2019. Thanks again.

  4. “Decision on Top 10 entries by Advisory Judges are published (without ranking) on the Competition Page: 1st October 2019″… I’m really searching for this. Has it been published yet? I just don’t want to miss out on any information

      1. Hi.. Please I didn’t receive any message that I was shortlisted or may be I didn’t even understand the competition. This is 2020 anyways but I still want to know. My name appeared in part of the names above, what does it mean? Was I part of the finalist or is was just the list of people who submitted their essays. My name is Nneoma Egerue.

  5. Good afternoon, Please I wrongly submitted using my second email which is different from the one in the essay,Do I resubmit with the right one or wait for a confirmation?

  6. Please, I’m confused… “It should be submitted in both ms word and pdf” does it mean I will submit the essay twice, make it inform of ms word and pdf?? Or I will just choose between both and submit my essay in either of them??

  7. Please I submitted my essay yesterday but a notification has not nlbeen sent to me for a poof that my essay was successfully submitted

    1. Dear Anthony, we received your mail but you sent a txt format file, which we replied you at about 2pm yesterday notifying you of this and encouraging you to send your entry in both MS Word and PDF formats. Kindly check your email.

      1. Good morning Sir /Ma, my sincere apologies for sending my essay in a text format and for the mail, I’m just seeing it this morning. I checked my mail box time to time yesterday but didn’t get a notification pertaning to the essay. I’ve resent the essay in a PDF format, I hope it will still be acknowledged.

  8. Good afternoon, and happy new month to you all…

    I will like to ask if the top 10 entries will be posted today as earlier stated in the timeline.

    Thank you in anticipation of your warm reply.

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