PositiveNaija Grants And Support Programme

Recently updated on May 7th, 2023 at 02:42 pm

The PositiveNaija Grants and Support Programme aims to provide free financial and non-financial support for individuals having various needs.

It is an open, transparent, accountable and collaborative initiative towards improving the living standards, dreams/aspirations as well as dignity of people.

PositiveNaija Grants And Support Programme

Support provided by PositiveNaija at this time, would primarily be targeted towards smaller requests/needs due to our current financial capacity.


  • People or organizations willing to support are welcome and they can do so directly to those in need and at their discretion.
  • Donations should not be the proceeds of crime or illegal activities
  • If you wish for PositiveNaija to do so on your behalf, we would take a five percent (5%) commission to facilitate it.
  • Every grant or support provided by PositiveNaija or on behalf of an entity is at its discretion and is publicly stated.


  • Please safely present genuine reasons/evidence, account details and relevant information/contact details towards improving your chances of getting support.
  • Donations received should also not be used for criminal or illicit purposes.
  • Receivers (and givers) are encouraged to acknowledge publicly on the platform when help and has been received and given respectively so as to enable others in need to benefit.

Also available is the Trade by Barter platform on PositiveNaija, which promotes the trading and exchange of products/goods, services, skills and knowledge between two or more parties without the use of money. 

To participate either as one in need of assistance or support provider or in the trade by barter exchange, kindly visit: PositiveNaija Grants And Support Programme


*The programme is open for/to suggestion, donation, sponsorship, collaboration or partnership. (+2349064503292).

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