The Benefits Or Advantages Of Good Or Positive News For Nigeria & Nigerians

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The Benefits Or Advantages Of Good Or Positive News For Nigeria & Nigerians

  • Positive thinking

Positive or good news for Nigeria and Nigerians enhances positive thinking, which produces positive speaking and consequently, possesses the power to produce good and positive output or results. The appreciation of good news associated with Nigeria and Nigerians has the power to therefore instill a mindset of possibilities, creativity and confidence towards the future. Thus, one of the ways to create positive thinking and results is by making positive information more prevalent in Nigeria.

benefits of good news for Nigerians

  • Hope and togetherness

Positive news tends to increase our ability to trust ourselves as being able to produce good works and be hopeful about the future we all envisage – peace and prosperity. The way feeding constantly on bad news can cause an effect on our mood, aspirations and distrust for one another, so does genuine good/positive news changes our mood and affects our interactions with others. So, in order to build long lasting relationships, positive news is key.

  • Improves well-being

Positive news benefits us emotionally, physically and mentally by reducing a host of health problems arising from excessive nervousness, fear and anxiety. Positive news sets in motion an orderly thinking pattern thereby enhancing focus and productivity for many Nigerians. News about improved standard of living and good health conditions are encouraging and promising.

  • Exemplary values system

Positive or good news gradually but firmly, provides desirable and pleasing principles of living for Nigerians and the Nigerian society. By appreciating information which are positively inspiring and educative, there is a conscious definition or redefinition of the standards of Nigeria’s values based system. Some of these values includes: hard work, truth, justice, love, optimism, accountability, honesty, courage, persistence, patience, etc.

  • Forms good conscience

Our conscience, which is by our own making, is our moral sense of right and wrong, which informs our behaviour. Our conscience is a function of our consciousness fed by knowledge or information. Thus, when we feed on, subscribe to or focus on the the information of positive or good news, we are educating our conscience in a healthy manner on the inherent power of goodness, as well as self-confidence towards getting the best out of ourselves.


*This article was first written by Fego Eunice Onowori on the 21st of December, 2018 and was last modified by Toju Micheal Ogbe on the 25th of October, 2019.

*This article was last fact-checked by Ayodeji Olowolagba on the 1st of July, 2020.

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