Factors Driving The Positive Progress And Excellence Of Nigeria And Nigerians Globally In 2020

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Factors Driving The Positive Progress And Excellence Of Nigeria And Nigerians Globally In 2020

Where does the good or positive news happen for Nigeria and Nigerians?

At PositiveNaija, we have sought out to deduce the geographic locations (within Nigeria or abroad), which the positive/success news/updates recorded are being achieved. In other words, our aim is to be able to tell objectively, how conducive/enduring the environments are to what Nigeria/Nigerians are achieving. To do this, we determined the locations on the basis of where exactly the achievement, progress, success, etc. was done or achieved as well as will be done or achieved and not based on where an award/recognition was or is presented.

It is important to mention that most achievements by Nigeria/Nigerians achieved abroad should not be relegated as being ‘superior’ or achieved out of a ‘privileged comfortable environment’ as most of these achievements are usually first in recognition of what has been done/attained within Nigeria and as such requiring an international/global export.

As an improvement, from the year 2019, we have increased efforts towards matching the published news to their actual or respective months to give more accurate reflection on our reports/statistics accordingly to actual happenings. This removes the added pressure of having to report instantaneously at the end of every month even as we have now modified the release of our newsletters to bi-annual rather than monthly.

What factors are responsible for the positive progress and excellence of Nigeria and Nigerians globally?

We have also gone a step higher to reveal, appreciate and understand the factors that are driving or are responsible for these positives recorded by Nigeria and Nigerians globally particularly within Nigeria.

At the most basic level, we have attributed ‘courage and drive for distinction’ as the most fundamental element or driver or factor of all positive progress achieved.

View/Download: PositiveNaija Geo-location Analysis 2020 TMO CMI

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