Indigenous Doctors Perform First Successful Brain Surgery In Kano State

Five Kano-based medical doctors have set a milestone record for successfully carrying out a 48 hours brain surgery, first of its kind in Kano State.

The operation, which was conducted at the new Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital, Giginyu, Kano, repaired the brain of Ali Iliyasu, after 26 years of brain disorder, which was suffered after a fatal accident. Ali Iliyasu, a 44 years old tailor complained of persistent headache, blurring vision and seizures. He was diagnosed of a left frontal brain tumour (pilocytic astrocytoma) and operated with the procedure: left frontal craniotomy and excision of brain tumor.

A neuro-surgeon consultant, Dr. Shu’aibu Sule Dambatta, who led the team of surgeons that operated on the patients, said the successful brain-open surgery was effected after 11 months of fruitless appointment with different facilities.

Dr. Shu’aibu Sule Dambatta is currently the Permanent/Substantive Consultant Neuro-Surgeon with sub-specialization in complex spine at HULL, the 4th black African and Second Nigerian to ever hold such appointment in the United Kingdom.

The Team included Dr. Atiku, Dr. Musa, Dr. Hassan and Dr. Musbahu, all from Kano.

According to Dr. Shu’aibu Sule Dambatta:

“We were contacted within the shortest period of time and we accepted to conduct the surgery. As you can see the patient is now talking to you less than 24 hours after the surgery. When you see a patient like this after surgery you don’t need to be told it was a successful exercise. He goes to the rest room on his feet, just within 24 hours after the surgery. We all thank Allah for this all-important breakthrough in this Specialist Hospital.”

Dambatta added that the surgery was conducted free of charge but the family of the patient are only left with the purchase of the prescribed drugs.

The patient, Ali Iliyasu, who was full of praises and thanks to God, recalled:

“I had been suffering from this problem for the past 26 years when I had an accident. Since then, my brain has not been the same again. My family and I suffered a lot by going from one place to another in search of medical attention and intervention, all to no avail. The last place we went gave me an appointment of 11 months after which a surgery would be conducted on me.”

Iliyasu said before the brain surgery was conducted, he used to find it very difficult to sleep. He said immediately after the operation he regained his consciousness and comfort.

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