Nigeria Emerge Third In FDI Global Dental Health Index [2016]

World Dental Federation (FDI) has ranked Nigeria third in global dental health index.

President of Nigerian Dental Association (NDA), Dr. Olabode Ijarogbe, disclosed this at the 2016 World Oral Health Day (WOHD) commemoration.

Ijarogbe said that the feat was made possible with supports from Unilever, dental therapists, dental technologists and other dental auxiliaries.

The WOHD which is celebrated in March 20 has its theme: “It all begins here, healthy mouth, healthy body”.

This year’s theme, according to the president, reflects the major contributions that oral health makes to our lives and focuses on Nigerians with the view to changing our attitudes with respect to oral health.

He also explained that the theme reminds us that our mouth is an integral part of the body and as such, should be properly taken care of. Healthy smile and the ability to speak and eat without pain or discomfort are critical to general health and wellbeing. Easily preventable or treatable oral diseases left unchecked can lead to major negative health consequences.

According to him:

“WOHD is celebrated every year to remind us that healthy teeth, gums and mouth generally play a crucial role in our ability to relate, work or study without constant nagging and painful toothache, boost in our self-confidence and in the health of our whole body at large.

WOHD celebration is aimed at increasing awareness for oral health as well as the impact of oral diseases on general health, well-being and national economies. It provides an opportunity to raise awareness and encourage individuals, families, communities and governments to take measures to lower the incidence of oral disease.”

Meanwhile, Vice President, Unilever Nigeria PLC, Robert de Vreede said that about 1.8 million children have been educated on how to take better care of their teeth.

In his words:

“Our vision this year would be reaching out to one million. Unilever is a big supplier of oral care products in Nigeria. We produce. We manufacture them here and we also have all our brands of oral care in Nigeria.

We believe it is of extreme importance to carry out the measures of brushing twice a day, morning and night because we know from experience that that would help massively to reduce the problem that people are experiencing from oral health problems and by doing this, we believe we are building towards a better Nigeria and that is what we are committed to as a company by whole.”

Winners Of Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) 2016 Top Prizes

Two Nigerians, Mr. Peter Hunnoho Moses and Ms. Odinaka Abel Favour, have won the top prizes at the ninth graduation congregation of the Accra Institute of Technology (AIT), a leading technology-focused private university in Ghana.

According to a statement released by the university, Moses, who graduated with a first class degree in Information Technology, was adjudged the overall best student with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.99 while Favour, who also had first degree in Business Administration with a CGPA of 3.90, emerged the overall best student in the female category.

President of the university, Prof. Clement Dzidonu, observed that it is a major achievement given that AIT has the toughest and the highest grading system within the university system in Ghana.

According to Prof. Dzidonu:

“To get an A grade in a subject at AIT you must score above 90 and to get a First Class with a CGPA close to the maximum of 4.2, means that a student must consistently get A grades across the board.”

While congratulating the duo for their feat, Deputy Minister for Education, (Tertiary) Mr. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa, stated that Ghana is currently attracting over 7,000 foreign students from close to 60 countries to its private and public universities yearly.

He announced that the government is mindful of the internationalisation of higher education and the Ministry of Education is empowering its statutory higher education regulatory bodies to ensure that the high academic standards of a number of the Ghanaian universities, including Accra Institute of Technology (AIT), are internationally benchmarked to continue to attract more foreign students.