Call For Entries: 2019 PositiveNaija Newscast Contest

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The 2019 PositiveNaija Newscast Contest aims to promote media professionalism in Nigeria, advance original Nigerian storytelling, encourage Nigerian patriotism as well as serve as a platform for excellence!

Title of Newscast:

Nigeria, Nigerians & Excellence!


Inform the world through your video newscast about the positive excellence associated with Nigeria and Nigerians globally for the year 2019.

Further content expectations:

In addition to the objective of the PositiveNaija newscast contest, the following should be included in the video:

  • Make visible the Nigerian flag
  • Make use of a maximum of any three (3) news from three (3) different categories/sectors published on PositiveNaija in the year 2019 as your news source.

2019 PositiveNaija Newscast Contest


  • Video submissions are free – at no cost to the participants
  • One (1) video submission per person
  • Open to only Nigerians
  • The individual present in the video will be considered the contestant and will be the only individual eligible to compete for the prize
  • Organizations are not eligible either as an entity or through representation by an individual
  • PositiveNaija Team are not eligible

Video presentation guidelines:

  • Record an original short video with no plagiarism and not uploaded/published elsewhere.
  • At the beginning or end of the video, state your full names and nationality.
  • Maximum of five (5) minutes.
  • Speak loud and clear in a visible environment.
  • The video must not contain music of any kind.
  • Video can be submitted in any playable video format (mobile phone recording is encouraged).
  • The languages of communication in the video are Nigerian Pidgin and/or English.
  • Truth, logical consistency, facts, narrative organisation, creativity/initiative and poise.
  • You must have permission from anyone who appears or speaks in the video or who provides content to you for the video.
  • The video must not contain material that violates or infringes another’s rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement.
  • All conventional video-editing methods are acceptable. Videos may be edited through any program and in any format.
  • Once a video is submitted, it is considered a final submission and may not be modified, edited, or replaced.
  • Submit your video entries only via our Whatsapp: +2349064503292
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any video that is not in compliance with these guidelines/expectations or is otherwise not in keeping with PositiveNaija’s values.

Reward [financial]:

  • 1st prize: ₦0
  • 2nd prize: ₦0
  • 3rd prize: ₦0

Reward [adverts]:

  • 1st prize: ₦150,000 worth of adverts on the PositiveNaija platforms.
  • 2nd prize: ₦100,000 worth of adverts on the PositiveNaija platforms.
  • 3rd prize: ₦50,000 worth of adverts on the PositiveNaija platforms.

*Click here to see our guide on Adverts.

Reward [certificates]:

Top 3

Reward [publication]:


  • Submission dates by participants: March 1 – 10, 2019
  • PositiveNaija review and select Top 3 best entries: March 11 – 17, 2019
  • Decision on Top 3 best entries are published on the Contest Page: March 18, 2019
  • Profiles and details of the Top 3 participants are requested: March 19 – 20, 2019
  • The audience will then determine the final winner with an open and public online vote – multiple votes are allowed: March 22 – 24, 2019 [Winners will emerge based on the number of votes]
  • Overall winner declared/published on 25th March 2019 on PositiveNaija
  • Rewards and certificate are issued to winners on 25th March 2019

*Decisions by PositiveNaija are final and are not subject to legal appeal

*If the entries eventually received become too many, the review timeline may be adjusted and new dates will be updated on this Page for effective assessment. This might mean final voting and declaration of winner extends beyond the scheduled timeline as stated.


We welcome sponsorships for the 2019 PositiveNaija Newscast Contest. Identifying, supporting and partnering with us on this competition is a testament to your personal, institutional or corporate conviction on the greatness, development and potentials of Nigeria/Nigerians.

For transparent and accountability purposes, every sponsorship for this competition received shall be made available on the blog [for privacy, sponsors can choose to use the initials of their names]. We shall also provide up-to-date progress report to you.

Your support – financial or service-oriented, could therefore be targeted to the following areas:

  • Prizes: Top 1 – 3 Videos (Target: 3 million Naira)
  • Media/Publicity (Target: 2 million Naira)
  • Administrative/Logistics (Target: 1 million Naira)
  • General/Overarching – If your support is targeted to the general/overarching running of the competition, we will ensure equity in its distribution to the entire competition process.


Submit your video entries only via our Whatsapp: +2349064503292

Deadline: 10 March 2019 | 11:59 PM (GMT +1)


Acceptance of Terms

By participating in the 2019 PositiveNaija Newscast contest, you declare that you accept these terms and conditions.

For updates, kindly visit the Competition Page.

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