Dr. Freedom Griffith Akinjide Ogbe: Ọrọnfo By Toju Micheal Ogbe (An Autobiography)

Ọrọnfo is a first-of-its-kind autobiography authored by Toju Micheal Ogbe and in him, his life, his story is Dr. Freedom Griffith Akinjide Ogbe.

Dr. Freedom Griffith Akinjide Ogbe: Ọrọnfo By Toju Micheal Ogbe (An Autobiography)

Dr. Freedom Griffith Akinjide Ogbe is my father and I appreciate him for the life that I have today.

He is the first person I am writing about on in this autobiography of mine.

He is highly cultural and a Prince in Itsekiri land with a relentless focus on the progress and development of the Itsekiri people.

He speaks Itsekiri, Yoruba and English languages.

He is an excellent Geologist and a pioneer in many areas of the field.

His priority for education and hardwork are what I have gained from him the most.

If he call or addresses you as “Mr. man” or “Madam”, just know that it is about to get real inside the context of whatever reality you are both on.

He is easily the most hardworking person I know and he demands same from everyone around him. Few years ago in Lagos, I joked with him saying that when he gets to heaven and Jesus Christ welcomes him and tells him to now rest, that he should indeed rest and he laughed and stated that while on earth, we look for ways at the slightest to rest and when one dies, such person is also encouraged to rest, and that if Jesus insists, he would (rest).

I thank him for his patience with me.


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My name is Toju Micheal Ogbe and I a Nigerian and the Founder of PositiveNaija (Online News/Media Publishing and Art Museum).

I am passionate about the love of God.

My passion in life also includes: Art; Creativity; History; Diplomacy; Games and Competitions; Gifts and Gifting; Media and Journalism; Music; Progressive Development and Excellence; Research.

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