Ese Brume Wins Long Jump Event At 2023 Botswana Grand Prix

Ese Brume has jumped the farthest mark in the world in 2023, winning the women’s long jump event at the 2023 Botswana Grand Prix with a season best of 6.77 meters held in Gaborone, Botswana.

Brume who was second-best almost throughout, had to wait for her sixth and final attempt to displace Burkina Faso’s Koala Marthe.

At 6.77 meters, Ese Brume set a new World lead time ahead of India’s Shaili Singh 6.76 meters jump at the AFI Indian Grand Prix 4 Athletics held earlier this month.

Marthe jumped: 6.24 meters| 6.69 meters |6.46 meters|6.51 meters|6.68 meters|x to take Silver.

Brume jumped: 6.65 meters|6.61 meters|6.41 meters|x|x| 6.77 meters (+0.6m/s) to take Gold.

Germany’s Luzulo Marilyse finished third with a 6.61 meters jump.

The 2023 Botswana Grand Prix is the year’s second World Athletics Continental Tour Gold meeting which commenced on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

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