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April 2019 Edition

Quote from Nwafor Merciful on April 27, 2019, 10:23:29 AM

Thank God for the sucess of another time of testing our minds on how much we know his Word. May he bless the positive Naija crew for this great work and may the best men win.

But, I think there's a problem with question number 8. First it seem as if the verse was omitted ( pro 22: ? ). Then secondly, I see no covetousness and idolatry ( as indicated by the question) in the said chapter as a whole.

Thank you Merciful for the kind words.

Indeed, the question was set correctly and the applicable answer which is "False" is as intended.

You can kindly go through previous quiz editions for similar ways we have set such questions.

Thank you.

What you give is what you get.

The winners for the 2019 April COGA Bible Quiz are as follows:

  1. 1st - Obi Sopulu (15/15)
  2. 2nd - Happiness Ime (14/15) in 10:03:47 AM
  3. 3rd - Afor Iteire (14/15) in 10:04:09 AM ahead of Sandra Iteire (14/15) in 10:04:44 AM

Special congratulations to Obi Sopulu (@obi-sopulu) for being the first person to achieve full marks (15/15) since the commencement of the COGA Bible Quiz on PositiveNaija.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone.

What you give is what you get.

Thanks to the COGA and Positive Naija team for this opportunity. I've received my third prize. Looking forward to next month's own.

Wow congratulations to Obi Sopulu!😃 You set the records, Well done.

Thanks for the clarifications and thanks be to God almighty.

Thanks to COGA and positive naija for this great opportunity. Thank you for the prize.

Thank you Afor and Happiness for your participation and prize confirmations.

Congratulations again!

What you give is what you get.

Unfortunately, i was so busy today to participate in the quiz..

Meanwhile i just have to login to say a big Congratulations to Obi Sopulu.. Really A Brilliant Performance.. And all Winners of today..More knowledge of The Word.. Longlive COGA!

I am grateful for the money I received as winner of the quiz. Thank you COGA. Thank you to the entire positive naija crew.

I am sorry this is coming late, but better late than never. Until next time, thank you!

Thank you Obi Sopulu for your participation and prize confirmation.

Congratulations again!

What you give is what you get.