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Individual contributions on improving governance structures in Nigeria

To bring about sustainable improvement in the procedures of governance in Nigeria, do you think an individual must to be part of the internal governance structures in order to bring about or effect desired changes in the country?


For example, if a medical practitioner is passionate about effective public healthcare for widows, does he or she needs to be a Minister, Senator or political appointee to realise these changes or get things done?

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Yes! Most certainly.

An individual is always the first start.

Thank you Merciful for your comment.

The question was not properly worded or asked as intended but has now been modified by including the parts in italics.

Looking forward to your opinion on this. Thanks again.

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Oh no. One does not need to get a known position to cause a desired change. I think an individual, an average Nigerian, when he is laden with a vision that will change the status quo, he should just go right in without waiting to be in power or to get into the governing council.