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Are X-rays really dangerous?

Are X-rays really dangerous?

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Yes. X-ray is dangerous but still very useful especially in medicine, industry, and research.

X-ray was first discovered by Professor W.C. Roentgen 1895. His discovery changed medicine by allowing the visualisation of human interior anatomical features for the first time. Since then, X-rays have aided in the identification and treatment of a wide range of diseases, ultimately improving the health of people all over the world.

When X-ray passes through human body, it deposits some of its energy into the body. The energy deposited will damage the DNA structures in the cell. Damaged DNA will be repaired naturally but there could be errors in the repair process.

Incorrectly repaired DNA in the cell divide rapidly more than the rate at which normal cell divides. The errors in the DNA will still be present in the new cells formed. This results in a tumour which can either be a benign tumour or malignant tumour (cancer).

X-ray is capable of damaging human cells depending on the intensity of the X-ray. Therefore, X-ray is highly dangerous

CT, mammography, fluoroscopy, angiography, and the conventional X-ray machine all uses X-ray to image internal organs or tissues.

In radiotherapy, X-ray is also used to kill cancerous cells using a machine called Linear Accelerator (Lineac)

Thank you Ayodeji.

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