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Nigeria and Nigerians

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Measuring Excellence in Nigeria

How can the level of excellence in Nigeria be measured in which statistically, this can be represented for example - 65% or 15% or 90% for the year 2019 or at any given period?

At PositiveNaija, we are considering the possibility of improving our statistical representations/figures towards determining the general level of excellence of Nigeria and Nigerians globally based on our work.

We are already achieving this on sector levels (Business & Economy; Sports; Science & Technology; etc) as can be seen in our positive impact rankings but we believe there is a need to do more in capturing this progress/excellence nationally/holistically.

Kindly share your ideas on how we can reliably, make possible this statistical representation whether by the data we have already or areas we need to improve/strengthen first to be able to then achieve this. Thank you.

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