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Relationship goals

Is it right to have a fixed expectation when going into a relationship?

This is a very good and practical question Esther. Thanks.

Look forward to the thoughts or views of others.

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Quote from Anyanwu Esther Amarachi on July 16, 2020, 5:58:20 PM

Is it right to have a fixed expectation when going into a relationship?

For me, everyone should have expectations going into relationships of any kind. Why? When the purpose of a thing is not defined, abuse is inevitable. Nonetheless, do not go into a relationship expecting what you ain't willing to give because that is what I call selfish expectations.

My answer to this question would be yes. Going into a relationship without an expectation will leave you having to deal with everything and anything. I will advise having well defined expectations that are realistic. Having well defined expectations in a relationship will foster growth and intimacy while avoiding unnecessary quarrels between parties involved.