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Relevance of Java as a programming language

Is Java as a programming language still relevant today?

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Java is a high-level, c-like and object-oriented programming language that has been designed to run on almost any kind of hardware platform by leveraging on its virtual machine.

As a high-level language, instructions are written in some human understandable language like English and afterwards they are compiled into a form that the computer executes.

In syntax, Java is similar to C and C++ but offers less low-level access compared to them.

The Object Orientation Paradigm (OOP) is one at the center of the Java programming language. Applications are developed by modeling problems in terms of entities (i.e. classes) with state (i.e. properties) and capabilities (i.e. methods). For instance, in developing a online shopping cart, the basket is an entity that at any point in time can contain different items (property) and for which the items count or total value could also be retrieved.

Java is still very much relevant today been used for writing desktop, web and mobile applications.

More useful information about Java can be read at Oracle Sun Java's website.

Thank you Elijah.

Public notice: please send in your comments, questions or observations you might have in this regard. Thank you.

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