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Sort of Artificial breast milk.

Hey Guys,

What if there were a breast milk tank for the motherless babies and orphans in their homes who have no opportunities to get them naturally. People are already used to giving them the ' usual ' stuff they carry and showcase in the camera. This could make sense if technology is added to it.

Disclaimer: The idea isn't mine originally.

Hi Merciful, many thanks for the question.

It is an insightful one, which personally I have not seen much discussion around on or given some thoughts to before now - 'how motherless babies and orphans survive during their breast milk phase of feeding'. I will try to do some checking and asking.

Please could you simplify for me what you meant by: usual stuff they carry and showcase in the camera.


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The usual stuff I mean is cartons of bobo and biscuits, foodstuffs and edibles.