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Nigeria and Nigerians

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Topic(s) for the 2018 PositiveNaija Annual Essay Competition

What topic(s) would you recommend for the 2018 PositiveNaija Annual Essay Competition?

2017 PositiveNaija Essay Competition: 'How Great Is Nigeria'

Decisions on topics will not be made on this thread. For recommendations on which we eventually settle for, the names of persons who made such suggestions will be duly acknowledged as contributors to the theme of the 2018 edition.

To win and succeed is to love.

I recommend the topic "How can we build a peaceful Nigeria"

Thanks Aishat for your recommendation.

Perhaps, something more evident than recommendations/suggestions.

To win and succeed is to love.

Threats to Nigeria's unity: Ethnicity and Religion diversity as key players.

How can Nigeria become a developed nation/country

Thanks dejt4u and gutsyman for your recommendations.

To win and succeed is to love.

Are Whites Better than the Blacks. Discuss

Western Influence on African Culture and Traditions. Pain or Gain?

Hi dejt4u, thank you for your suggestions. It would be great if the focus is on Nigeria and not necessarily, coined as if to elicit recommendations or suggestions. Best regards!

To win and succeed is to love.