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Trade Rules and Information

The Trade by Barter platform on PositiveNaija promotes the trading and exchange of products/goods, services, skills and knowledge between two or more parties without the use of money. This means the provision of good or service or product or skill or knowledge by one party in return for another good or service or product or skill or knowledge from another party.

This party/parties refers to individual persons and organisations/businesses.

The goal of the platform is to promote for Nigerians, their dignity; enhance their human capital and the inherent value; increase trust; as well as excellence.

In other words, people do not have to be suicidal or hopeless because they have not been paid salaries or do not have money when in fact, they have something to offer if they look within and see the inherent value and huge possibilities of living a life of satisfying life.


Participation on the platform is free of charge (at no cost) and open to all persons in Nigeria.

The scope of items for the bartering/exchange must be responsible.


The required information for submissions include:

  1. Full names
  2. Phone number
  3. Social media
  4. Email address
  5. Website
  6. Address (if necessary)
  7. Your offer: skills, knowledge, products and/or services.
  8. Picture of offer if available (all offers must be put into a single photo)
  9. Your preferred want.

No chat discussions are allowed on the respective States and 'online'. However, chat discussions can be done on the Chat discussion Topic created for this Trade by Barter.



  • A student of Mass communication offering to provide online publicity on his/her own social media platform for a telecommunication startup in exchange for data.
  • A tricycle rider offering to provide transportation services for a food vendor in exchange for food.
  • A market trader offering tubers of yam to a poultry farmer in exchange for crate of eggs or (chicken) meat.
  • Etc.



Disclaimer: The trade by barter platform on PositiveNaija is for informational purposes and as such, is not liable for any damage/injury that may occur as a result of the trading/exchange activities by participants.

Participants are encouraged to be cautious in their dealings and advised to deal with fellow participants who have at least demonstrated by their submissions/contact, sufficient credibility, evidence and trustworthiness. Depending on the nature of item(s) for exchange, inspect via videos before meeting and even having met, test/confirm.


Thank you and happy trading.

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