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The PositiveNaija Q&A Forum is strictly a question-and-answer platform open to everyone where users post only questions and then allow for other users to provide answers specifically for the question set.

Questions asked must be substantial, well-thought, well-framed and sensible. Answers provided that do not significantly focus on the question are removed.

Thank you.


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Work With Me

Welcome to Work With Me profile board!

The aim of this profile board is to create a smart hub of visibility toward assist individuals who desire a change or new job/career opportunities as well as networking.

If you are encouraged to submit your profile (every nationality is eligible), kindly adhere strictly and truthfully to the example presented below. All required sections must be completed.

Thank you.


Top skills: Maximum of 7

Years of professional experience: Combined years of experience

Preferred professional roles: E.g. Full-time, part-time, internship, consultancy & volunteering

Preferred professional location(s): Maximum of three (3)

Contact details: E.g. Emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Work sample/evidence: E.g. link to CV/resume, website/blog, etc.


What you give is what you get.

Top skills: Data management; planning; monitoring & evaluation; media/communication; publishing; webmaster (Wordpress).

Years of professional experience: 8 years

Preferred professional roles: Backstopping Consultant

Preferred professional location: Online

Contact details: positivenaija@yahoo.com

Work sample/evidence: PositiveNaija & The Nigerian Diplomat

What you give is what you get.