Gift Chineyenwa Okanibe: Ọrọnfo By Toju Micheal Ogbe (An Autobiography)

Ọrọnfo is a first-of-its-kind autobiography authored by Toju Micheal Ogbe and in him, his life, his story is Gift Chineyenwa Okanibe.

Gift Chineyenwa Okanibe: Ọrọnfo By Toju Micheal Ogbe (An Autobiography)

Gift Chineyenwa Okanibe is my dearest friend and baby sister.

In February 2024 (precisely February 10), I met Gift who came alongside her friend Olivia to the PositiveNaija Art Gallery and Gift Shop at Karu, Abuja to just see what the shop is about and I believe it has been from that day/time, a wonderful experience of friendship, respect, love, positivity and learning.

The first item(s) she and her friend purchased at the shop was for their teacher ‘Miss Lola’. They both admire and love her a lot and regard her as a role model.

Being energetic, cheerful, smart, kind, empathetic, pragmatic, supportive; I believe are her biggest assets as a person and I have learnt a lot from her.

She not just appreciates art but knows how much almost every item in the gallery is and she has the title of being ‘in charge’ of the gallery. She supports and promotes the art gallery to her friends and family, and thanks to her and Olivia, I have also had the privilege of meeting their friends including; Ella Ochanya, Princess Etiorji, Zuriel Olawuyi, Dayo Okunola, Jennifer, Favour, Abiayo Igunbode, etc. at the gallery.

I am glad I taught her how to play chess and her progress has been impressive. If ‘FAB’ is on the line and she and Olivia team up to play against you, you are simply on your own and her nickname is ‘Queen of Ruthlessness’ – in recognition of her very offensive/attacking style of play.

By the way, she and Olivia have banned me from using the word ‘proposal’ in my conversations unless when I am getting married and that I should instead make use of ‘business deals’.

Countless times and days, I smile and laugh to myself of how much fun and discussions we had at the gallery; from when she, Zuriel, Princess, Olivia had to sing along their favorite songs; to when they come to the gallery and hear me listening or playing ‘It’s a good day’ by Bez Idakula or Mariah Carey’s ‘We belong together remix’ or ‘There must have been an angel by my side… by Sade’ or Dusin’s ‘You are worthy to be praised’ and ‘Emperor of the universe’ – both songs which were on repeat when she had her first chess win (checkmating Mr. Emmanuel Onah) with a follow up stretched hand of an handshake to him.

How about one time when we were playing cards and she won us all and with one of the best composure move, without saying a word, she went to get some water to drink and wash her face (like saying to us ‘my fans, let me cool off).

Oh, if you have not heard Miss G (the rap name I gave her) pounce on a beat with a smooth freestyle rap, you are missing. I say again you are missing. I say you are missing. And I am serious. You are missing.

Her ideas and support; I have enjoyed.

I remember how she would join me to think critically on either what we could also do at the gallery and gift shop for customers or social good we could do for the community around us.

She is also my one-time prayer partner as we decided to team up to conduct a special praise and worship and prayer session for Olivia in person as her birthday gift instead of storybooks, etc. Although, giving that alone, we knew it would be more.

On the 5th of July 2024, I received a surprise gift of a book of treasurable memories from her and her friends which documented with space for more documentations of the wonderful shared fun and experiences we have had. They also got me cupcakes which was really delicious. The gift from them was for my birthday in arrears – March 31, 2024 (I didn’t inform them at the time). I really really loved it. It was simple, perfect, super cost-effective, and with a very high level of organisation, documentation and realness to it, it truly captured what I would cherish to have as a gift and I am about – creating, celebrating and preserving good memories and friendships.

As a shinning star, which she is, l appreciate Gift Chineyenwa Okanibe always for her trust and every star moment we have shared, which have been filled with interesting lessons and beautiful star memories.



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My name is Toju Micheal Ogbe and I a Nigerian and the Founder of PositiveNaija (Online News/Media Publishing and Art Museum).

I am passionate about the love of God.

My passion in life also includes: Art; Creativity; History; Diplomacy; Games and Competitions; Gifts and Gifting; Media and Journalism; Music; Progressive Development and Excellence; Research.

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