Godilogo Farms Limited Wins Gold Category At 2023 London International Honey Quality Competition

Godilogo Farms Limited, producer and exporter of organic bee honey, has won the best in the Gold category at the 2023 London International Honey Quality Competition.

The event is a global competition that promotes high-quality honey products in every aspect of the spectrum of its use and consumption. It features three categories; the Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Godilogo, founded over 25 years ago is also into production of rice, garri, as well as dairy products for local and international markets. It came top in the Gold category.

Speaking after receiving the award at the 2023 London International Honey Quality Competition, General Manager, Godilogo Farms, Irungmi Jedy-Agba said that the award was a reward for hard work that the company and its staff have invested for many years in building the brand.

Irungmi, who said that one of the core objectives of the farm is to become the number one leading natural bee honey producing firm globally, added that this recognition would spur them to do more in developing the brand, Godilogo Honey.

According to him:

“First and foremost, on behalf of Godilogo Farms, I want to thank the organisers of this competition for this recognition. This is very huge for us because we honestly didn’t see this coming at this time.

When we set out to go into natural bee honey production, we challenged ourselves to take the brand beyond the shores of Nigeria and to achieve that, we decided to be different by producing pure organic honey. Our target is to become the number one brand in the world and with this award, we’ll be spurred to do even more to achieve that.

There are many advantages of honey. We’re not into the natural honey business to just make money, we want to promote the unique gains of this natural gift from God. Beyond being a sweetener, pure organic honey like ours can be used as antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. It can also be used to treat coughs, burns, etc.”

Explaining how winners were selected, the organisers on their website (www.londonhoneyawards.com), said that “the “blind” method is used for tasting the products, without packaging and without any type of distinctive feature visible. Each product is given a code number to ensure its reliable traceability. The samples are evaluated by the Jury Panel. Each judge carries out an organoleptic analysis of the products he tastes and records a numerical rating on the evaluation sheet, which represents the general sense of enjoyment (which weighs the most in the final rating) as well as other criteria, such as appearance, odor, texture, flavour, and mouth-feel.

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