How Great Is Nigeria! By Said Saad Abubakar

How Great Is Nigeria! By Said Saad Abubakar

An outstanding joy and great excitement always filled my soul, I believe it’s a marvelous privilege being myself citizen of a great nation. A nation occupying a total land mass of 923,768 sq km, the most populated in all African countries and the eighth most populous country in the world, it’s impossible to feel lonely in such country. Rich cultural and artistic values are the significant quality of the nation of about 162.5million citizens (World Bank & Census Bureau) with diverse cultures and traditions. About 250 indigenous native languages have been identified with the Igbo, Hausa-Fulani and the Yoruba dominating ranging to 70% of the population. Although, we are different but we still go hand in hand. These groups have preserved their artistic values and professions, till date, the southwestern Nigerians are well known with art and poetry, bead works and weaving, the southeastern are highly enterprising and industrious and very good in warm cultural display while the northerners are of great excellent in agriculture and commerce. It is a wonderful moment to witness the cultural display of these natives especially the warmth colorful display of different ethnic groups, I have the notion that you will grin with pleasure due to great excitement.

Good atmospheric condition and its diversity in places reflect the significant of Nigeria. Nigeria has a tropical climatic weather and variances in regions departly on annual rainfall. This country exhibit seasons that are controlled by the movement of the inter-tropical discontinuity, it is a zone that constitute moist air from the Atlantic with other dry, hot and dust air from the Sahara which forms the harmattan. As of rainfall, it varies widely from year-to-year. Part of the coast where the rainy season is year round receives more than 4000mm of rain each year. Most of the countries middle belt where the rainy season starts in April or May and runs through September to October receives from 1000 to 1500mm. The region along Northeastern border receives less than 500mm of rain per year and the rainy season last for three months.

High economic rate signifies a great nation with consistency. The economy of Nigeria have rapidly advanced and tremendously improved aided by high natural resources, quality research and development. Nigeria has emerged the Africans largest economy with GDP estimate of $1.1 trillion (2015 est), the country is endowed richly with mineral resources as a major source of economy. Virtually, petroleum was produced at a rate of 818million barrels in 2004 from more than 150 oil fields, this accounts Nigeria to be featured the world sixth largest producer of crude oil which makes her a prominent member of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Similarly, Nigeria has been a fertile land for agriculture and one of the major cash crop producing lands in Africa, agriculture contributes to 32% of the country’s GDP in 2001. Before 1970, agriculture contributes more than 75% of the export earnings and as well providing employment for about 30% of the population as of 2010 (Labour Force Statistics 2010). Today cocoa is the leading non-oil foreign exchange resources, in 1999 Nigeria produced 145,000 tons of cocoa beans and also has the potential for over 300,000 tons per year. The Youth Initiative For Sustainable Agriculture (YISA) – A Non-Governmental Organisation; has described the agricultural sub-sector of the Nigerian economy as the “Untapped Goldmine” and therefore proof it a sustainable sector in the country. An overview of Nigerian economy is incomplete without mentioning the solid minerals, industrialization, commerce, trade and entrepreneurship and foreign investment which contributed a lot. As such, the scenario of Nigeria’s economy has received a great impetus, indeed only great nations attain these.

Education is the key to success (Ken Reightler Jr.). The guiding principle of education in Nigeria is the equipping of every citizen with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values as to lead a fulfilling life and contribute to the development and welfare of the community. The significant of Nigeria towards education is; Nigerians are known to be passionate for education. This nation annually produce thousands of potential graduates in almost 150 different fields of studies, certainly a great success attained due to the country taking education as its number one priority. According to the analysis of census data bolstered by an independent analysis conducted by Rice University says “Nigerians (Immigrants) don’t just value education, but surpass all other U.S ethnic groups when it comes to obtaining degree” . I was certainly intrigued by these.

The success in education in Nigeria consequently is due to verse talented youths in the country. In recent years, Nigeria has experienced an improved talent in its citizens in areas of invention, innovation, quality research and visionary. Only nations with bright future constitute such qualities. This great nation has provide the world today with talented individuals whom have contributed to the global modern day development such as Saheed Adepoju (Inventor of the INYE-1 & Tablet Computers), Seyi Oyesola (Co-Inventor of CompactOR or the “Hospital In a box”), Jelani Aliyu (General Motors Car Designer), Nduibuisi Ekekwe (Developer of Microchips used in minimally invasive surgical robots) to mention but few. The co-founder and chief executive officer of Facebook (Social Media) Mark Zuckerberg on his visit to Nigeria to attend the Aso Villa Demo Day, he said; “I was highly impressed by the talent of youths in the co-creation Hub in Yaba. I was blown away by their talent and level of energy that I saw”.

The beauty of Nigerian nature is mind blowing, an exclusive nature based only to a vibrant nation. In Nigeria, you can enjoy the breathtaking sight of the beautiful natural surroundings and exciting landscapes. A country that resides on naturally fit environment; the water falls, parks, loveliest sight mountains and beautiful greenish environment. A huge excitement is archived on rambling around the beautiful green surroundings, the quiet environment with the sweet sounds of birds. I am emphatic to say that Nigeria has the best vegetation and environment. This in turn are tourists attractants, the nation has equally being good for tourism. Although tourism in Nigeria is a small part of service economy, in 2004, 962,000 tourists arrived at the country.

Successful nations always constitute successful citizens. Nigeria provides rapidly gigantic stars and globally recognized individuals in diverse professional, economics and creative fields. The first African writer and the first black writer to win the Nobel Prize in literature – Wole Soyinka, the widely recognized “Father of African Novel” – Chinua Achebe and the number 23rd richest person in the world (2014)-Aliko Dangote (Forbes Magazine). Notable musicians such as King Sunny Ade and I.K Dairo among others whom established a new style of music known as Juju, the juju surpasses Western instruments with elements of traditional African music. Nigeria equally outreach in sports, the Nigerian super eagles are the first African football team to win Gold Medals in Olympic Games (1996) and have excel in other competitions.

Nigeria has equally shown improved developments and archived success in distinct areas. The Dangote Group Nigeria is the largest refinery in Africa and the third largest in the world producing 800,000 tons of sugar annually. Equipped energy and power is set in Nigeria, the Nigerian hydropower dam (Kainji Dam) is one of the longest dams in the world, it extends for about 10km. The dam was designed to have a generating capacity of 960,000 kilowatts. The country also tops in cinema and movie productions, According to the Filmmakers Cooperative of Nigeria, every film in Nigeria has a potential audience of 15 million people in Nigeria and about 5 million outside Nigeria. At the peak of the video era at around 2008, the industry had become the second largest producer of films releasing approximately 200 films monthly. (Wikipedia; Aljazeera America “Hooray for Nollywood…”). Of great achievements is Nigeria.

Some call her The Giant Of Africa, others say it’s The Heart Of Africa, but to me; I call her “The Mother Of African Nations”, certainly a named deserved. The land mass and population, the diversity in people and culture, good atmospheric and whether condition, high economic rate, excellent in education and as well talented citizens, beautiful vegetative environments, improved development and success of citizens in different aspects of life is enough to reflect a nation of outstanding and great achievements worthy to be called “GREAT”.

Nigeria – Good People, Great Nation!

Saeed Saad Abubakar

Said Saad Abubakar

A present 200 level student of sciences studying Agriculture (Forestry) at the University of Maiduguri. A young writer I am and just started my career in the recent 3 years.

I don’t take writing as a profession but rather a career in me because I do it with Passion. I am well known with 3 distinct strong hobbies; Write, Writing and Written.

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