Joy River By Tabeetha Fada (Stream, Download Song & Lyrics)

“Joy River” by Tabeetha Fada is an an uplifting and joyful sound that reassures everyone that Joy come from God alone. He can produce joy from any circumstance. As you listen, I pray that God gives you overflowing Joy.

The song was written and sang by Tabeetha Fada. Produced by SamDuke Music Productions in 2021.

Joy River By Tabeetha Fada (Song Lyrics And Download)


When You speak I hear sounds
Sounds of songs never heard
When you smile down on me
It’s like fire shut in my bones
When You touch me
I’m reassured I am Yours
Now you fill my heart
Till I overflow
You fill me with joy
Till I overflow

You give me joy
(Joy like a river)
Oh joy
You fill me with joy
Joy like a river
My heart of full of joy
Oh Lord You give me joy

Stream and Download

Joy is now out and available on all digital stores. Stream, like, share and be blessed.

Tabeetha Fada

My name is Tabeetha Fada. I am a performing and recording gospel artist residing in Abuja, Nigeria. I have recorded and released several other songs, which you can find online and “Joy River” is the most recent of them.

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