MinCommerce Solutions Limited (MIN) Launches Indigenous Online Marketplace

MinCommerce Solutions Limited (MIN) has launched Nigeria’s foremost indigenous online marketplace www.min.ng, which is primarily focused on indigenous products and businesses.

The indigenous online marketplace, which was launched in Lagos, would enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) operators of made in Nigeria products sell and market their goods and services to a wider audience both locally and internationally.

Registered merchants would have access to their own personalized web store, have logistic support for the delivery of goods purchased online, inventory management system and a secure payment platforms for goods.

Speaking at the launch, the founder MIN.ng Kelechi Ogbonaya said:

“In every crisis, there is an opportunity and with the current economic downturn it is important to look inwards and looking inwards means we patronise and support our local industries thereby reducing the demand of forex.

This is a good time to patronise made in Nigeria. In our researches, we discovered that Nigeria spends billions of dollars importing food items we can produce here. Also, more people are patronising indigenous fashion designers, more entrepreneurs are involving mind blowing products. With this, we saw the need to create a one stop shop of everything made in Nigeria and hopefully in the nearest future we would be an exporting country because we have the ability and resources to do so.”

He also added that merchants could enjoy all the benefits that come with having an online store by being able to sell their products to customers all over the world. Businesses that sign up to MIN’s Marketplace will have a free microsite provided for them.

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