Ms. Esther Funmilola Oladayo: Ọrọnfo By Toju Micheal Ogbe (An Autobiography)

Ọrọnfo is a first-of-its-kind autobiography authored by Toju Micheal Ogbe and in him, his life, his story is Ms. Esther Funmilola Oladayo.

Ms. Esther Funmilola Oladayo: Ọrọnfo By Toju Micheal Ogbe (An Autobiography)

Ms. Esther Funmilola Oladayo is my cherished friend, a big sister and I call her Madam (MaDam).

Faith, charity, diligence, discipline and gentility; I believe are her biggest assets as a person.

From when I and Akin would go to her office to make our requests and collection; to the night I believe as a Group we had our biggest laughs as colleagues; to when I wrote and gave my first book(s); to when she introduced me to Daniel, who has been very helpful to the progress of our work at PositiveNaija; it has been pleasurable and satisfying experience of many good moments and memories.

When I am happy, she is happy;
when I am winning, she is celebrating;
when I was sick, she was there;
when I needed help, she supported me;
when I needed a home, she gave me one;
when I needed direction, she prayed.

She is one of the most dependable persons I know and a wonderful mother to three intelligent and well-raised children (who have equally been very supportive of my work and aspirations). I have told her that if/when I have children, they will certainly be taking some time to be with her and learn from her.

I thank her for her convictions and patience with me.


About the author

My name is Toju Micheal Ogbe and I a Nigerian and the Founder of PositiveNaija (Online News/Media Publishing and Art Museum).

I am passionate about the love of God.

My passion in life also includes: Art; Creativity; History; Diplomacy; Games and Competitions; Gifts and Gifting; Media and Journalism; Music; Progressive Development and Excellence; Research.

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