Oguzie Kenneth Awarded Most Inspiring Immigrant In Eastern Canada [2020]

Recently updated on October 24th, 2022 at 02:34 pm

Oguzie Kenneth has been awarded the most inspiring immigrant in Eastern Canada, for his contributions and active support towards immigrants.

Oguzie Kenneth, a Nigerian-Canadian based entrepreneur and Founder, Africa Canada Trade and Investment Venture, received the honour in an award ceremony in Canada.

The regions in Eastern Canada where his contributions were actively recognised included Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island provinces.

Kenneth has been recognised in the past by different groups in Nova Scotia as a dynamic and supportive individual. He has won multiple awards in the past from community organizations, private sector and Non-Governmental players for his diverse contributions, community impact and professional achievement.

In his acceptance speech, Oguzie Kenneth noted that his international experience had helped shaped his cross-cultural understanding with the international business space for sustainable growth and expansion.

He said:

“As a global citizen having lived in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa, my international experience has helped shape my cross-culture understanding and diverse stakeholder management.

As the CEO of an international business organisation focused on trade, investment, project financing and business facilitation between Canada and Africa, I believe having a global perspective in making business decisions is imperative for organizational sustainable growth and expansion.

Although, Canada is not perfect, it is still a blessed and welcoming country that is leading in diversity and inclusion, and has created a home for new immigrants from different parts of the world.

I appreciate all stakeholders, Canadians and fellow immigrants that have worked collectively to support immigrants in their settlement in Canada.

I am extremely honoured to be receiving such an important award and I am grateful for the recognition that I have received from my work.

Though, I have faced a variety of challenges in my experience as an immigrant having lived in five different countries across four continents, I have also been given different learning and growth opportunities.

I have been lucky to meet wonderful and great-minded immigrants and amazing Canadians.”

On their part, the Founder and Publisher of My East Coast Experience, Mr. Ifeanyi Emesih, congratulated all the winners at the event, adding that the initiative was to celebrate outstanding contributions and active support of immigrants in the country.

Mr. Emeshi said:

“The East coast and maritime are often the gateway to Canada for so many of the immigrants arriving.

Many immigrants receive a warm welcome when they arrive and decide to put their roots down in Canada. The ceremony honours all the various ways these heroes give back to the community.

Every winner has created a positive impact in their various communities, inspired and motivated others to push for a fresh start.

We will always continue to develop new ways to celebrate diversity in our economy such as the Mosaic film festival of arts and culture.”

The event, which was held virtually, was graced by the Regional President of RBC bank, Christopher Ronald; member of parliament, Andy Fillmore; Minister of Immigration, Labour and Advanced Education and Acadian Affairs and Francophonie, Honorable Lena Diab; President and CEO of the Halifax Chambers of Commerce, Patrick Sullivan and other prominent individuals.

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