Peter Genger Wins 2019 Nahlah Ayed Prize For Student Leadership And Global Citizenship

Peter Genger, a student of the Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba, Canada, has emerged winner of the 2019 Nahlah Ayed Prize for Student Leadership and Global Citizenship.

According to Peter Genger:

“I never thought that my little pieces of leadership service would gain a rewarding recognition as noble as the Nahlah Ayed Prize for Student Leadership and Global Citizenship. I sincerely appreciate the award.

This award has made me realize that there is no service that is too little or too much to give. The most important thing is for one to keep serving with sincere concern for humanity. After all, there is joy in true leadership and service.”

Peter Genger, a PhD candidate in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) holds extensive experience in facilitating dialogue and peace education. With a Master’s of Education in inter-religious dialogue from Boston College and a Master’s from the joint M.A. programme in PACS, he continues to promote peaceful, responsible citizenship through his research.

Genger’s inclination for study and practice is on the resort and entrenchment of African Indigenous peacemaking opportunities to address conflicts and development challenges in African communities, in resonance with the African Union’s declaration for African solutions for Africa’s problems.

He has put his ideas forward in significant publications and presentations like how corruption in Nigeria can be defeated using indigenous wisdom.

The International Centre offers this annual prize to encourage students at the University of Manitoba to participate in activities that celebrate diversity, curiosity, respect, mutual understanding, and will expand their horizons and develop global skill sets. A prize is awarded to one domestic and one international student each year, since 2010.

The Nahlah Ayed Prize for Student Leadership and Global Citizenship is named for Nahlah Ayed [BSc (Hons)/92, MA/02, LLD (Honorary)/08] a CBC foreign correspondent, alumna and honorary degree recipient.

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