PositiveNaija Love And Heroes 2021

PositiveNaija Love And Heroes 2021 is aimed at celebrating the positive value of Nigerians all over the world no matter how little their impact might be, which the world might be unaware of.

The overall goal is to promote the value of the Nigerian human life through the spirit of love, gratitude and positive works/deeds. This is included on our weekly videos and Instagram page.

It is also an expansion of the traditional approach in which PositiveNaija sources for positive or good news. This means that with the PositiveNaija Love and Heroes, every Nigerian is empowered to be a reporter of that which is good and exemplary as it concerns Nigerians all over the world. This therefore, provides greater awareness and knowledge about Nigerians engaged in inspiring and worthy deeds.

It is open for everyone but we encourage nominations of people that you know personally or are around you. We encourage this so that it does not become a ‘celebrity or political’ contest/show – we believe there are a lot of Nigerians around us we can show appreciation to and not necessarily those that are popular [And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:
Hebrews 10:24].

Significantly, PositiveNaija also utilizes the Love and Heroes in honoring dead Nigerians such as members of the Nigerian Armed Forces, journalists and other civilians for their sacrifice, love and heroic feats [“By mercy and truth iniquity is purged” – Proverbs 16:6].

PositiveNaija Love And Heroes 2021

Criteria for PositiveNaija Love And Heroes 2021 Nominations

  1. Nationality: Nigerians | Cost: Free | Picture: Compulsory
  2. State your full names and the full names of the person you wish to celebrate (living).
  3. Your entry/nomination should be for only one (1) person to be celebrated.
  4. Nominations, once approved is one-time per year.
  5. Multiple entries (of individual persons) are allowed.
  6. For text: In 50 words (maximum), and the mandatory inclusion of 2 words Love and Thank you; state your message about this person and their good works.
  7. For videos: In 60 seconds (maximum), and the mandatory inclusion of 2 words Love and Thank you; state your message about this person and their good works.
  8. If available, links to the person’s online presence can be included.
  9. The person being celebrated has not been mentioned on PositiveNaija website within the current year.
  10. Nomination details should be sent to designated WhatsApp number only (09064503292).
  11. PositiveNaija scrutinises entries and approve accordingly.
  12. Published in the PositiveNaija weekly top news videos.
  13. PositiveNaija reserves the right to nominate the dead for their selflessness, sacrifice, love and heroic feats.


PositiveNaija Love And Heroes 2021

WeeksNominated NamesNominatorsPurpose of Celebration
1.Simeon Oluwafemi Jaiyeola


Rachel Oluwafemi Jaiyeola


Olayori Oluwademilade

Kolawole Gideon Jaiyeola


Kolawole Gideon Jaiyeola


Kolawole Gideon Jaiyeola

Best loving and correcting dad.


Sweetest mother: always believing, supporting and training.


Friend and fantabulous co-host.

2.Joy Mekwunye


Mary Pelemo

Princess Nwajei



Mother, helper and mentor.


Love and hope.

3.Ezinne Grace IrohPositiveNaijaLove.
4.Nasiru Saheed


Abdullahi Bhuwa Usman


Aircraftman Sunday Enwa






Love and dedication.


Love and sacrifice.


Love and sacrifice.

5.Rev. Gideon Odoma


Mrs. Nanwul Dalut

Sarah Timothy


Sarah Timothy

Love and guidance.


Dedication, teacher, love and sacrifice.

6.Aircraftman Abubakar AhmadPositiveNaijaLove.
7.Samson Olawale Akinmade


Dele Olowoniyi






Love and courage.


The 2020 edition of the PositiveNaija Love And Heroes can be accessed here.


“Heroism isn’t just bravery or guts or shrewd maneuvering. These things are common and are often used in unheroic ways.

No, being heroic is the ability to conjure hope where there is none.

To strike a match to light up the void. To show us a possibility for a better world—not a better world we want to exist, but a better world we didn’t know could exist.

To take a situation where everything seems to be absolutely [bad] and still
somehow make it good.

Bravery is common. Resilience is common. But heroism has a philosophical component to it. There’s some great “Why?” that heroes bring to the table—some incredible cause or belief that goes unshaken, no matter what.”

– Mark Manson

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