Professor Adetunji Haastrup Appointed Global Ambassador Of Management And Leadership Development By Mogul

Recently updated on February 12th, 2023 at 12:30 pm

Professor Adetunji Haastrup has been appointed as a Global Ambassador of Management and Leadership Development by the Mogul, in New York, USA.

The President/CEO of Global Education Network (Nigeria), had earlier on received a triple appointment as a member of Harvard Business Review Council, USA; Commonwealth Education Council, London UK and Leadership Council, USA.

Professor Adetunji Haastrup, a Fellow of the International Academy of Management London UK and Fellow of the Certified Public Administrators of England and Wales, made history as one of the first batch of accredited management trainers in Nigeria.

Profile: Professor Adetunji Haastrup

Dr. Adetunji A. Haastrup is a Professor of Management, Consultant, Educationist, Certified Mgr. Chartered Administrator. He is among the first Nigerian batch of Accredited Mgt. Trainer of Federal Government of Nigeria; First Nigerian Member European Commissions Network Belgium. Member UNESCO Network France, Member Commonwealth Education Council UK, Member Commonwealth of Learning Canada, Fellow Int, Academy of Mgt. UK, Fellow CPA England & Wales, Fellow IAM Nigeria.

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Lagos State University, Nigeria, 1988; Master of Public Administration in Personnel Human Resources Management, Lagos State University, Nigeria, 1995; Doctor of Philosophy in Management,Wisconsin University, 2006; Graduate Diploma in Marketing, University Lagos, Nigeria, 1994; Post Graduation Certificate in Computing, University Lagos, Nigeria, 1995. Certificate in Law,,,company law.., Faculty of Law. University of Lagos. P.D.E in Education ASCD College, USA. CPD Blended Learning.. Harvard University USA. CPD School Leadership. University of Hull UK.

Managing consultant & lecturer City University ICPM & Yaba Tech, Lagos. Personnel officer, graduate assistant Institute of Microtechnology, Enugu, Nigeria, 1988—1989. Manager Mabidem Finance, Lagos, 1990—1995, Matterson Oil Services and Investments, Lagos, 1995—1996.

Head personnel IDM-Tower, Comcraft Services, 1997—2001. Head human resources department ENL Apapa Ports Termina., since 2006.

Advisor Advancing Canada Entrepreneurship, Ontario, 2004—2005. Consultant, senior advisor Commonwealth Learning, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2004—2005. Consultant Labour Start Network, London, 2005—2006.

Supporter UNICEF, New York City, 2006, member Toronto Advocacy Consultant, Toronto, Canada, 2006, United Nations Educational Network Center, Paris, 2006, Commonwealth Education Council, London, since 2006, Industry Skills Council Training, Canberra, Australia, 2006, GYAN, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2006, Fellow: International Academy Of Management, UK, Institute Administrative Management Nigeria, Institute Administrative Management Nigeria, Institute Certified Professional Managers Nigeria.

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