Reelfruit Emerges Winner Of Village Capital Accelerator Program [2020]

Reelfruit and Complete Farmer have emerged winners of Village Capital Accelerator Program [2020].

The Village Capital Accelerator program focused on startups whose solutions addressed food security issues and improved results for small farmers on the African continent.

Reelfruit and nine other startups from across Africa were selected to be a part of the Village Capital accelerator. After the due process and competitive processes, Village Capital selected Reelfruit and Complete Farmer (from Ghana) as one of winners of the $50,000 funding from the accelerator according to its peer-selection model.

Reelfruit produces a wide range of dried, healthy fruits and nuts snacks. These snacks are sold across hotels, schools and over 250 retail supermarkets in the country. The products are made from fruits which include mango, pineapple, cashew, banana, etc.

So, asides producing nourishing foods, its preservation model ensures that the company is contributing its own quota in ensuring that wastage of those perishable agricultural products is minimized.

According to the Regional Manager for Village Capital, Adedana Ashebir stated:

“I’m especially proud of Reelfruit and Complete Farmer who consistently impressed their colleagues throughout the peer due diligence process.”

I’m thrilled about the Africa Agriculture 2019 programme and the fact we had representation from Zambia for the first time, a Senegalese company representing Francophone Africa, and nine ventures from seven countries.”

The accelerator will not only provide funding for the startups, Reelfruit and Complete Farmer will also receive training to ensure that the business continues to make strides in the agricultural sector.

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