Saadat Aliyu Develops Helpio App For Reporting Rape Cases

Saadat Aliyu has developed Helpio App, an android application used for reporting cases of sexual abuse.

Founded in 2020, Helpio App is available on Google play store. It is also available in two languages, Hausa and English languages.

Many organizations have adopted the application and have encouraged their members to sign up. Among them includes – Initiative for Support of Victims of Sexual Abuse, Orphans and Less privilege (ISSOL), Equity Destitute, and Child Right and Welfare Initiative (EDCRAWI).

Ms. Saadat Aliyu is the founder of Shamrock Innovations, a Youth and Women-centric Tech Innovation Hub in Kano.

Why this matters

  • One in every three girls would have experienced at least one form of sexual assault by the time they reach 25 years, according to NOI polls.
  • The Helpio App will help girls report rape incidents fast without any fear or limitations.
  • There is also the belief that rape cases are usually under-reported. Research has shown that out of all the reported rape cases, only 67% acknowledge that the criminals were arrested. This means that 3 out of 10 criminals actually face the dictates of the law.
  • With the new app, all reports entered will be monitored and all offenders subsequently brought to book.

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