Joseph Adewole Wins micro:bit Global Challenge 2018 [Africa]

Joseph Adewole of Nigeria has emerged winner of micro:bit Global Challenge 2018 for the African region.

Joseph Adewole designed a system that detects the temperature of students in a class and lets their teacher know. He designed the device so that students can be treated quickly if they are ill and therefore don’t miss too much school.

Joseph Adewole made his contribution on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being.

According to the judges:

“…the students’ body temperature can be used as an early warning system for proper attention to avoid sickness-related school misses, and to avoid the spreading of sickness within the classroom. High attendance to school would increase the access to information provided by the teacher in the classroom.”

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Winners Of 2019 Go Global Africa Programme [Nigeria]

Winners have emerged at the 2019 Go Global Africa Programme hosted by the British Deputy High Commission in Lagos, Nigeria.

The winning Nigerian entrepreneurs are:

  • RemindMe, an app by Innovation corner that would use USSD and text to remind new mothers of vaccination dates;
  • Piggybank, an automates savings and investment solution;
  • Social Lender; a money lending solution that uses social media platforms;
  • Thriveagric, a program that lowers the entry barrier for people willing to invest in agriculture by connecting farmers to crowdsourced finance;
  • Helium Health; a hospital management software;
  • Helpmum; an app that provides healthcare information to combat maternal and infant mortality;
  • eTrash2Cash; an online platform that will help low income & marginalised women earn & save cash benefits for gathering trash for recycling.

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Oluwatobi Akinpelu Develops History Learning App “Gingered”

Oluwatobi Akinpelu has developed a history learning app called “Gingered”, which educates users on history using a Today in History model.

The historical events sometimes date as far back as 700 AD. The history learning app also dates the birthdays and various achievements of prominent personalities around the world.

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